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PE 100 / PE-HD - Two product groups – many advantages.

PE 100 / PE-HD - Two product groups – many advantages. The choice is yours...
In future, we intend to make the process of selecting suitable SIMONA materials even simpler for you. The property profiles of the SIMONA® PE 100 product group and the new SIMONA® PE-HD product group are tailored to your specific requirements. This allows us to provide you with a precise recommendation as to which material is suitable for your field of application.
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SIMODUAL² Double-Containment Piping System

SIMODUAL² Double-Containment Piping System SIMODUAL² Double-Containment Piping System
Standardised, all-inclusive system, with high process reliability and excellent monitoring. 
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SIMONA® PE 100 FM-Line

  news-fm-line.jpg Pipes and fittings for firefighting water supply
The SIMONA® PE 100 FM-Line range of pipes and fittings with FM certification offers a superior standard of safety and quality for use in subterranean fire extinguishing systems. What is more, SIMONA is the first plastics manufacturer worldwide to supply “FM APPROVED” pipes and fittings in sizes up to d 630 mm.  
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SIMONA® 3D-Printing Filaments

  PLA-Filament.jpg For maximum precision in 3D printing.
With the launch of its SIMONA® 3D-Printing Filaments, SIMONA is offering a reliable consumable for 3D printers in proven SIMONA Quality – made in Germany.
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Seamless Bends

newsbox-nahtlose-boegen.jpg Seamless. Flawless. Enormous.
Our seamless bends are now also available in sizes ranging from d 710 to d 1,000 mm.
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New Products at IFAT 2014



SIMONA® SIMOPOR-DIGITAL - Colours come to life
Designed specifically for digital direct printing, SIMONA® SIMOPOR-DIGITAL offers the ultimate in process reliability for best-in-class results.
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SIMONA® SIMOPOR – The SIMONA® SIMOPOR product family comprises a range of PVC free-foam sheets that combine low density with ultralight design. SIMONA® SIMOPOR products are the perfect choice for applications centred around light and airy design.
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SIMONA® SIMOWOOD made of Resysta®

teaser-simowood.jpg SIMONA® SIMOWOOD is the first large-scale sheet made of Resysta®, an innovative, naturalfibre- reinforced hybrid material based on rice husks and a specific thermoplastic.
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New products at K2013

miniatur-k-messe.jpg Discover Future Solutions – SIMONA showcased a number of innovations and product ideas at K 2013.
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Customer satisfaction analysis 2013

In April 2013, we conducted another extensive survey of customer satisfaction.
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Top 100-Innovator

SIMONA AG has been awarded the ‘Top 100’ quality mark for its outstanding achievements in the field of innovation, confirming its status as a leading innovator among the companies that make up Germany’s SME sector.
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teaser-simolife.jpg Owing to their inherent material properties, SIMONA® SIMOLIFE EVA Sheets are the perfect choice for applications in the field of orthopaedics technology. With EVA flex and EVA superflex, SIMONA has developed a product range that meets a wide range of requirements with regard to flexibility of the specific material.
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SIMONA Sales Academy

At the new SIMONA Academy, we aim to consolidate and expand our wide range of existing courses for the training and professional development of our own sales and marketing personnel as well as the training of our customers and business partners.
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SIMONA® Liner Materials

Superior safety for liners and composite constructions in contact with chemically aggressive substances.
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Competent and comprehensive
online guide to chemical resistance.
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SIMONA® Hollow Rods

SIMONA® Hollow Rods
Efficient production of fittings and finished parts
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SIMOFUSE® receives approval for pressurised applications
relating to wastewater pressure pipes and industrial systems
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newsbox-simcat.jpg DVD SIMCAT 6.0 - Technical Catalogue Pipes, Fittings and Valves -
Planning tool for piping-system projects.
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SIMONA® Welding rods

SIMONA® Welding rods are an important product for tank construction
and an integral part of the SIMONA AG portfolio.
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SIMONA® Eco-Ice - Smooth Plastic Sheets for Ice Rinks.
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Trenchless pipe installation

Pipe laying or pipe replacement? SIMONA ® Solutions tailored to any application.
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Products acc. to ATEX

Semifinished plastics from SIMONA can be used in devices and
protection systems that are subject to ATEX.
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Piping systems for the world’s first eco-friendly mine water project.
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Efficient traffic routes - SIMODRAIN® drainage systems made of polyethylene.
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Absolutely crack resistant - Specially developed for alternative methods
of pipelaying and rehabilitation
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Tank Calculations Made Simple. Fast and efficient way to calculate tank designs.
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SIMONA® Twin-wall sheets

hkp-schmal.jpg SIMONA ® Twin-Wall Sheets are highly innovative and versatile.
Twin-Wall Sheets are made of PE 100, PP-DWU AlphaPlus ® (PP-H),
PPs, PP-C-UV or PE FOAM with state-of-the-art machine technology.
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