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Dispensing with sand bedding can cause the surface of the newly laid pipeline to be scratched (10% max. of wall thickness is acceptable according to normative references).

Moreover, stones can exert point loads or linear loads on the outer wall of the pipe - in addition to the service loads such as internal pressure, soil loads or live loads - and thus cause damage.

To avoid stress cracks, the pipe must be able to withstand surface damage due to scratches, point loads and linear loads if protection of the pipe by sand bedding is dispensed with.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Excavated soil can be reused if it is compactable
  • Cost streamlining due to material saving
  • SIMONA® PE 100 RC-Line / PE 100 SPC RC-Line pipes are resistant to point loads and linear loads


SIMONA® PE 100 RC or SPC RC-Line pipes are suitable for open laying without a sand bed.

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