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It's not easy to find the right career. School-age pupils can find out more about the company during a short internship - either on a voluntary basis or as a compulsory element of the school curriculum. There is no minimum period, although our voluntary internships generally last for up to four weeks. Another way to find out more about SIMONA is by coming along to one of our Girls'/Boys' Days.

Exploring new horizons with SIMONA

In 2011 we were the first company in the region to establish sponsorships with local schools. The idea for school sponsorships came from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Koblenz and the Rheinland-Pfalz SCHOOL AND INDUSTRY Working Group. Our school partners are:

  • Gymnasium Kirn
  • Realschule plus Auf Halmen Kirn
  • Realschule plus Kirn
  • Berufsbildende Schule Kirn
  • Berufsbildende Schule Wirtschaft Idar-Oberstein
  • Berufsbildende Schule Technik Idar-Oberstein

Internships, information days at schools and tours of the company are just some of the activities organised through these partnerships between SIMONA and local schools. Although we give priority to our partner schools when arranging visits to the company, other schools are also welcome to request a tour.

Holiday work

Looking to earn some pocket money during the school holidays? Depending on our requirements, we offer a range of holiday jobs for older pupils at our production site and our main warehouse in Kirn. It is important to submit applications well before the holidays as the number of places we have is limited.