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An extensive network of partners, a very promising acquisition and a highly ­specialised team combine to offer an ideal platform for leveraging potential and ­cultivating markets together.

The Advertising & Building business line has set itself some ambitious goals, which were clearly defined by the acquisition of Turkey’s market leader for PVC foam sheets: to become the European market leader in terms of quality, breadth of product range and market share.

Making good progress: Some things have already been put together.

Achieving this requires an extensive partner network. This has been put together over the past few decades. In other words, a firm basis that can be relied on and gradually expanded. This network encompasses the raw material supplier, our own formula development, compounding teams, our in-house sales structures and, most importantly, includes our prized partnerships with dealers across Europe.

Speed, availability and value for money are the order of the day

Serving the advertising and construction market segments efficiently calls for an extensive product range tailored to specific applications – plus, of course, reliable processes and consistent quality.

The key to success is being closely aligned with the end user.

The organisational structure of the new business line with its team of focused, experienced specialists makes us the perfect sparring partner for customers and other interested parties. One example would be digital printing in the advertising market segment.

In this business, you need to know the market trends inside out. Primarily, this means having the right technical expertise to suit the market: what technological innovations are the printer manufacturers coming up with? How do the sheets to be printed on react to them? What surface qualities are needed in order to achieve the best possible printing results? What shades of white are called for? This knowledge must be used to develop cost-effective products, not “over-engineered” solutions.

Faster innovation

Specialisation allows new solutions, product versions and modifications to be made market-ready more quickly – underpinned by an established portfolio with an excellent brand image.

Taking new products to market faster.

These include, in particular, the very well-known and highly respected SIMOPOR product series as well as our unique COPLAST product with its specific versions offering different high-quality foam core and covering layers. SIMONA PLASTECH, the latest addition to the SIMONA family, will give us a major boost as we strive to achieve our ambitious goals.

Its highly specialised production site in Turkey, the extensive expertise of its team and its cutting-edge extrusion technology will, above all, make the entire portfolio better value for money.

This complete package is rounded off by the smooth-running services provided by the company as a whole, particularly by our skilled consultants for application engineering, as well as our tailored, customer-specific training and our efficient logistics, including via our partners.

Cost-effective solutions

In a commoditised market, everything depends on breaking new ground. Efficient structures, a compact team of specialists and a lean production setup allow us to offer cost-effective solutions. SIMONA PLASTECH is injecting added momentum into this approach with its state-of-the-art production plant, strong sales operation and many years’ experience in this market. This makes it ideal for giving SIMONA’s profile and standing in the market for advertising and building applications a major and long-lasting boost.

Extensive cooperation is key here: listening to one another, learning from one another and thus continuously improving and expanding the products and services offered to customers. We want to uncover untapped potential together with our partners and achieve profitable growth in the various segments. To do so, we will need to respect the experience and individual knowledge held by the different teams in the business line and harness this in order to get a handle on the market segments as a whole and make the right decisions.

Market segments and products


  • PVC foam and PVC compact sheets for digital printing applications and constructing trade fair stands and displays
  • Customer-specific modifications and versions


  • PVC free-foam and integral foam sheets, co-extruded versions and customised PVC compact sheets
  • Product portfolio based on formulas developed in house to comply with the applicable standards and ­licences, customised solutions made from PVC and alternative materials
  • Markets of the future: wall and floor applications

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