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Our society as a whole is faced with the global challenge of having to transport more and more goods, while also maintaining adequate levels of safety. Monitoring ports and coastal regions is one way of achieving this goal. SIMONA has been making its own contribution in the form of plastic sheets and pipes used in the construction of marine vessels deployed in ports and on the high seas, with applications ranging from transportation and lifeboat operations to naval security.

Vessels made of steel and aluminium have a number of material-related disadvantages, e.g. weight, corrosion or biofouling, which also translate into higher operational and servicing costs. SIMONA products, such as PE sheets or PE 100 pipes, are the perfect alternative. Boats made of these materials combine high stability with outstanding durability. Likewise, SIMONA® pipes are an extremely durable solution, e.g. in the area of fish handling.

Wide range of applications

  • Components for boats
  • Fish handling