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Chemical installations

When an installation is being planned, appropriate attention must be paid to ensuring a consistently high level of safety, from storage tanks to distribution pipes and metering pipes. In addition to a large number of tank lining materials, with our SIMODUAL² industrial double-containment pipes we offer top-quality piping systems that meet health and safety requirements, also for transporting aggressive substances.

Our semi-finished plastics made of PE, PP, PVC and E-CTFE are used wherever extreme material stresses occur and conventional materials such as steel cannot cope or are uneconomical.

Selection of the most suitable thermoplastic, with its specific properties and advantages, must always be made with regard to the process chemical. Chemicals range from critical substances to toxic substances. Therefore, the focus is always on strict safety precautions.

Wide range of applications

  • Chemical tank and equipment construction
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Industrial effluent
  • Laboratory construction