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Every application imposes special demands on the lining material. To meet these requirements, SIMONA offers products with characteristics tailored to specific areas of use. All SIMONA products are suitable for both new builds and refurbishment Projects.

Lining concrete or steel walls with plastic allows caking or arching to be effectively avoided in bulk material handling operations. Thanks to the low dynamic friction coefficient and anti-adhesive properties of PE 1000 superlining plastic sheets, bulk materials flow continuously.

Compared with concrete, PE 1000 superlining also allows favourable wall angles in hoppers and smaller tipping angles for unloading in transport vehicles. PE 1000 superlining sheets are made from ultra-high molecular weight polyetheylene (PE-UHMW), which SIMONA produces in various formats depending on application using pressing processes.

SIMONA® PE 1000 superlining features improved sliding properties and even higher wear and abrasion resistance and was specially developed for bulk handling applications to offer a convincing, cost-effective solution.

Special properties

  • Very good dynamic friction
  • Lighter and less expensive than steel
  • Very high wear resistance
  • Good UV resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • High corrosion resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Temperature range from -260°C to +80°C

SIMONA® PE 100 AP-Line pipes and fittings with integrated wear-resistant interior skin are an excellent choice for pneumatic and hydraulic transport of solids. Thanks to their superior properties, they are used wherever high mechanical loads act on the interior of the piping systems.

During hydraulic and pneumatic transport of solid materials the pipe interiors are subjected to substantial mechanical stresses caused by water/air-solid mixtures that leave material deposits on the interior of the pipe during transport.

SIMONA® PE 100 AP-Line Pipes have a much longer service life and can withstand greater loads than solid wall PE 100 and conventional steel and GFRP pipes. They are therefore especially suitable for conveying granular materials like sand and coal sludge or ores.

Special properties

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding notch impact strength
  • Economical and durable

SIMONA® Products for Bulk materials industry