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Plastics found their way into the health and leisure sector many years ago. Today, sport without plastics would quite simply be unimaginable. Professional sports paved the way for plastics at a broader level. Gone are the days when boats and paddles were made of wood. Plastics have emerged as a superior choice thanks to their lower weight and excellent stability.

Whether for stadium boards and perimeter systems, sports obstacles or swimming pool linings, engineers have been able to come up with a range of innovative ideas in recent years. In doing so, they have opened up new opportunities for thermoplastics. SIMONA offers a number of high-end products tailored to the requirements of specific applications in this field. They include PE FOAM and twin-wall sheets for use in the sport and leisure industry.

In the area of health care, our SIMOLIFE product group includes an extensive range of solutions for orthotics and prosthetics.