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Thanks to their mechanical and hydraulic material properties and their high corrosion and incrustation resistance, SIMONA® PE 100 AP-Line Pipes are ideal for hydraulic transport of solids.

Our SIMONA® PE 100 AP-Line Pipes have a much longer service life and can withstand greater loads than solid wall PE 100 and conventional steel and GFRP pipes. They are therefore especially suitable for conveying granular materials like sand and coal sludge or ores.

The co-extruded pipes and fittings are fabricated with an integrated inner layer in a modified polyolefin compound. For outdoor use, additional outer layers in the form of a pale-coloured UV-stable coating or a protective jacket can be applied. As a result, the service life is also substantially extended. In the case of pneumatic conveying of e.g. dusts or granules, the inner layer can be given antistatic properties to avoid electrostatic charges.

Special properties

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Excellent notch impact resistance
  • UV stable (optional)
  • Antistatic (optional)

SIMONA® Products for Earth fills