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Designed to discharge ground and surface water, drainage systems can make a significant contribution to the quality and operational safety of road and railway networks. For traffic routes to be used safely without interruption over an extended period of time, they have to combine excellent structural and dynamic load-bearing capabilities with considerable fracture resistance. In SIMODRAIN®, SIMONA has developed an extensive certified product range for the drainage of rail installations and road structures.

SIMODRAIN® Pipes are solid-wall pipes made of PE. They are acknowledged for their excellent material properties. Capable of withstanding high structural and dynamic loads, these pipes are used primarily in heavy-duty traffic applications. Prime examples include high-speed rail networks (P230 and M230) as well as sections with a significant proportion of freight and/or heavy-duty traffic.

Key properties

  • Shatterproof pipe thanks to high flexibility
  • Suitable for high-pressure flushing in accordance with DIN 19523 and Swiss Standard 592012
  • Ring stiffness in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9969 and DIN EN 12666
  • Capable of withstanding extreme structural and dynamic loads
  • Resistance to substances generally contained in the ground
  • Favourable hydraulic conditions due to smooth pipe interior (k ≤ 0.01 mm)
  • UV and frost resistance for outdoor storage
  • Fast installation thanks to socket connections and long pipe sections
  • Slot pattern based on DIN 4266 and 4262; DBS 918.064
  • Low weight for simple handling


  • Manufacturer-Related Product Qualification (MPQ) in accordance with DBS 918.064
  • EBA certification ("Eisenbahn-Bundesamt") for pipes and shaft installations
  • Network Rail London (Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance for use on Network Rail infrastructure, Certificate No.: PA 05/03360)

SIMONA® Products for Traffic route engineering

SIMODRAIN® Drainage Pipe Systems for traffic route engineering Brochures

Traffic routes are a key element of our technical infrastructure. With this in mind, it is important to keep them in a good, safe condition. Drainage systems that discharge in situ groundwater and surface water help to protect and improve the quality and safety of our traffic networks in the long term.

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