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SIMONA® PP-H Alpha-Plus® pipes are used in water treatment plants where, for example, geology-related levels of uranium in the water have to be lowered or the levels of nitrate and sulphate have to be reduced by partial desalination.

Especially in the treatment of drinking water the products used are subject to strict standards. SIMONA® pipes and fittings in seawater desalination plants provide, among other features, high resistance to salt water and also comply with international standards.

With the so-called NSF certification for pipes and fittings made of SIMONA® PP-H Alpha-Plus® and PP-R our products thus satisfy the strict standard requirements for drinking water pipe systems in the US market.

Special properties

  • Low incrustation
  • High toughness
  • Very good resistance to many acids, alkalis and solvents
  • Very high stress crack resistance
  • Reliable corrosion resistance
  • Low stress potential due to reduced residual stress
  • Fine microstructure and stable crystalline structure
  • Excellent welding properties due to fine, thermodynamically stable structure

SIMONA® Products for Water purification