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SIMONA distinguishes between three different SIMONA® PE 100-Line pipe types.

PE 100-Line / PE 100 RC-Line

Standard single-skin pressure pipes made of extruded polyethylene in PE 100 or PE 100 RC.

PE 100-Line 2S / PE 100 RC-Line 2S

Double-skin pipes made of PE 100 or PE 100 RC with functional layers for full-scale quality monitoring.

PE 100 SPC RC-Line / PE 100 SPC RC-Line 2S

The additional exterior protective jacket made of modified polypropylene (SIMONA® PP Protect) protects the inner pipe against damage during trenchless installation.

The inner pipe has the full quality of a new pipe subsequent to installation.

Special Properties

  • Easy handling due to low weight, even with long pipe lengths
  • No breakage of the pipe in the event of pressure surges or ground settlement thanks to high flexibility
  • Long-term cost savings, as excellent internal and external corrosion resistance eliminates the need for subsequen trehabilitation
  • Safe operation due to absolutely leak-proof and permanently integral systems by means of welding
  • Particularly resistant in the case of trenchless laying methods due to high notch and crack resistance
  • Simple, fast and therefore cost-effective installation
  • Favourable hydraulic conditions and lower maintenance costs due to smooth inner pipe surfaces
  • Good storage properties due to insensitivity to weathering UV resistance
  • Physiological safety and excellent suitability for drinkingwater
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Recyclable and thus resource-friendly
  • Very good abrasion resistance


Benefits at a Glance

  • Excellent cost-effectiveness due to long service life
  • Long-term cost saving due to very good hydraulic properties attributable to smooth internal pipe surfaces, hence reduction of pressure losses over the entire service life
  • Easy handling and increased safety in assembly due to lightweight, even if the design is complex
  • Long maintenance intervals due to permanent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent stability ensures the highest safety standards
  • Outstanding UV resistance and weatherability enable outdoor use
  • Exceptional ageing resistance
  • No adverse effect on taste
  • All the products are food-approved and ensure absolute physiological safety
  • No release of plastic particles into the drinking water
  • High stress crack resistance in sand-bed-free laying
  • Tough pipes on account of high resistance to point loads (e.g. stones, fragments)
  • In open laying the prepared excavated soil is used asbackfill material
  • Increased resistance to slow crack growth
  • Certified to PAS 1075, Types 1 + 2
  • PE 100 RC Type 2 (additionally): 10% identification layer for visual inspection of the pipes during the construction phase
  • Excellent bonding and shear strength between inner pipe and protective jacket
  • High abrasion resistance of PP Protect protective jacket
  • No crack propagation from the protective jacket into the inner pipe
  • High inner pipe resistance to slow crack growth (PE 100 RC)
  • Extremely effective protection against major physical damage such as notches, abrasion and wear (PE 100 SPC)
  • Certified to PAS 1075, Type 3