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To complement the range of highly versatile pipes our system portfolio for waste-water disposal is rounded off by fittings, electrofusion sockets, building drain connection components and various types of shaft.

With the SIMONA® PE 100-Line pipe types (PE 100-Line, PE 100 RC-Line and PE 100 SPC-RC-Line protective-jacket pipes) we can offer you, depending on project requirements, the most appropriate pipe material - certified to PAS 1075, type 1, 2 or 3.

SIMONA® multi-layer pipes with dimensionally integrated function layers enable the operator to ensure holistic quality monitoring by visual inspection - from the date of manufacture throughout the entire period of pressure pipe use.

PE 100 CoEx sewer pipes with a functional, light-coloured inner layer make it possible to ensure a very good assessment of the condition of the interior pipe surface.

Special properties

  • Light weight
  • No pipe breakage thanks to a high level of flexibility
  • Excellent inner and outer corrosion resistance
  • Strong, permanently watertight joints due to welding
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Favourable hydraulic conditions due to minimal wall unevenness
  • Notch and crack resistance
  • Elimination/reduction of cleaning and rinsing

SIMONA® Products for Wastewater disposal systems

PE 100 black

8 Products
63 Products
Electrofusion socket
42 Products
End cap
64 Products
Fixing points for pipe clamps
36 Products
Full-face flange
7 Products
Reducers concentric
193 Products
40 Products
Stub flange
140 Products
Tee, reduced
613 Products
Tee, standard
156 Products

PE 100 light blue

21 Products

PE 100 natural

26 Products

PE 100 RC

Multilayer pipe
44 Products
Pressure pipe
44 Products
Welding Rods
1 Product


Multilayer pipe
44 Products
Pressure pipe
44 Products

PE 100-SK

7 Products