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SIMONA thrives on the strong, often very warm relationships that exist between its employees, and with customers, partners and local communities. At SIMONA, it is the people who matter – something that SIMONA uses to its advantage when trying to recruit the brightest and the best.

SIMONA’s new HR concept “A company like a friend.” is an expression of our approach to life. At SIMONA, colleagues can become friends. Joint activities outside the workplace bring people closer and give them fresh energy to tackle work challenges together. The way that we deal with each other provides opportunities for friendships to develop and helps them to blossom. Flat hierarchies, open doors, dealing with each other fairly and organising regular events for staff and their families are just a few examples of this. It creates a sense of togetherness, improves performance and leads to more success for our business.

A strong partner

SIMONA is a financially solid employer. In recent years, the company's results have shown a consistent upward trend. Every financial year we set ourselves ambitious new targets.

SIMONA offers a range of secure and future-proof jobs. Wherever possible, we recruit internally for senior technical and managerial positions.

As well as a share in the company's profits (EBIT), employees qualify for attractive benefits such as a holiday bonus, a Christmas bonus and the company pension scheme.

As a global firm, we are very keen on professional development and can offer secondments to other countries.

Professional development and career

"Your talent. Our future." At SIMONA we take professional development seriously. Training opportunities are open to all our employees. We expect a lot, but we also provide a good deal of support. We organise in-house and external training depending on our employees' requirements. The list of in-house courses available includes market and product development, English and MS Office. Training can also be arranged in areas such as project management and intercultural skills. In addition, SIMONA offers a wealth of individual training opportunities and arranges both time off and financial support.

We aim to recruit internally for senior professional and managerial positions. To this end, SIMONA has established its own Talent Promotion Circle. This programme consists of a series of modules and is designed to prepare those employees with the necessary commitment for positions of responsibility in professional or managerial roles. Senior employees are given regular training to develop their personal and managerial skills. SIMONA has won several awards in recognition of its commitment to staff development.

We we can offer you

  • Remuneration commensurate with performance
  • Holiday and Christmas supplement
  • 30 days holiday
  • Company pension scheme
  • Company health management
  • Employee benefits such as allowance for gym membership, free fruit, use of the Corporate Benefits discount platform