• Warehouse Operator

    Kirn + Ringsheim, Germany

This two-year vocational programme is centred entirely on acquiring skills for employment at an operational level. Warehouse Operators accept incoming goods, check quantities and properties, and then store them as required. Data relating to these items are entered into the computer so that information regarding quantities and storage location can be accessed whenever needed.

Warehouse Operators also pick the goods required and prepare them for dispatch. As part of the vocational programme they also qualify as forklift operators.

The programme can be extended by one year to attain the qualification as Warehouse Logistics Specialist.

What you will need

An interest in performing organisational tasks combined with a keen sense of order.


Good national vocational qualification

Start of programme

Ringsheim: 1 September 2020
Kirn: 1 August 2020


2 years


Kirn and Ringsheim