• Industrial Mechanic – Maintenance

    Kirn + Ringsheim, Germany

Industrial Mechanics learn how to ensure that a company's machinery and systems remain fully operational and how to repair them if required. They inspect, service and repair plant and machinery. If production circumstances change, they are responsible for adjusting the company's systems in line with requirements.

Additionally, Industrial Mechanics disassemble and install parts and components without interrupting ongoing production processes. Last but not least, they inspect and test systems to prevent errors from occurring or to rectify problems. 

What you will need 

A strong commitment to continuous learning is essential. Additionally, the role calls for a good understanding of technical and mathematical matters. Your personal credentials will include manual dexterity together with a keen interest in technology and electronics. 


Secondary school qualifications I or a good national vocational qualification 

Start of programme

Kirn: 1 August 2020

Ringsheim: 1 September 2020


3.5 years 


Kirn and Ringsheim

  • Electrical Engineer for Operating Technology

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  • Mechatronics engineer

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