• Industrial clerk

    Kirn, Germany

At SIMONA, Industrial Management Assistants receive specialist training in various areas of relevance to business.

They are employed in all administrative departments – primarily Purchasing, HR, Sales and Finance – as well as in Quality Management and Marketing, thus giving them an extensive overview of the company.

Whether in commodity procurement, invoice review, personnel management or order processing, Industrial Management Assistants are involved in a wide range of tasks, are encouraged to work independently and can therefore apply their skills and knowledge in a highly effective way. 

What you will need

It is essential that you remain committed to upskilling, particularly if you are looking to advance your career, but also when it comes to adapting to changed circumstances at the workplace. Solid foreign language skills are also considered important. 


Secondary school qualifications (very good grades at a level equivalent to Realschule in Germany or an Abitur diploma) 

Start of programme

1 August 2020


2.5 or 3 years