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Over the last few decades sheets made from thermoplastic materials have gradually replaced traditional materials used in the production of prostheses and orthoses, e. g. leather, wood and cork.

In this context, the quality of the final product is dependent to a large extent on the specific properties of the plastics used for these purposes as well as the actual quality of the sheet materials.

As part of a one-day seminar, we will look at the fundamentals of plastics, focusing on their specific properties and processing methods. 

Target group

This seminar is directed at technicians and buyers of thermoplastic sheet materials used in the production of prostheses and orthoses. Knowledge of plastics is not required.


Fundamentals of plastics engineering

  • Basic understanding of plastics
  • Extrusion of sheet materials
  • Insight into production methods  

Choice of material

  • Product portfolio
  • Technical specifications
  • Key aspects relating to the use of plastics in prosthesis and orthosis production  

Processing methods

  • Rules on hot-working and thermoforming
  • Gluing
  • Cutting
  • Sawing
  • Cleaning


The specialised presentations are given by experienced, qualified experts from SIMONA AG.

Max. 8 participants per training course

Duration:      1 day

Start time:    10 a.m.
Finish time:  4 p.m.

Participation fee:

EUR 125.00 plus sales tax (price per person)

Dates at request

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