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SIMONA® SmartTank is our new program for the calculation of rectangular and cylindrical tanks in accordance with DVS. Featuring state of-the-art methods of numerical computation, the program offers the very best quality in terms of user-friendly application and structural design output. SIMONA® SmartTank has an intuitive user interface and includes a highly efficient project management function.

Programm highlights

Centralised administration of all projects via the project manager.

Geometrical input with adapted technical drawing for improved clarity.

As an extra feature for the designer, creep curves are depicted live and in accordance with the operating conditions selected by the user.

Interactive calculation of wall thicknesses, connection pieces, etc. with error prevention.

Wind and snow loads can be selected via the postal code/town with a map tool or manually.

Key benefits

  • Calculation of rectangular and cylindrical tanks
  • Project management software for convenient project administration
  • Optimised rectangular tank calculation in accordance with DVS 2205-05
  • Realistic FEM formulation for circumferentially reinforced tanks and all steel components revolutionises calculation of these parts and offers significant potential for savings
  • High-quality and verifiable output as well as full print-out
  • Intuitive design
  • Plausibility check and validation of all data entered
  • Most advanced, future-proof programming
  • Improved service and support via hotline
  • Cloud-ready design
  • Project management and support: Dr.-Ing. Ingo Lukas, Ingenieurbüro für konstruktiven Ingenieurbau (IFKI)