• Warehouse Logistics Specialist

    Ringsheim, Germany

This three-year vocational programme combines warehouse logistics with training relating to various commercial and operational aspects of business. Warehouse Logistics Specialists contribute to logistical planning and organisational processes, i.e. they accept incoming goods, in addition to handling, packing and transporting them. 

They are also responsible for sorting and storing goods in accordance with business requirements and warehousing standards. Warehouse Logistics Specialist inspect inventory levels, prepare cargo manifests and draw up dispatch and other shipping documents. They use information and communication systems and are required to work in a team- and customer-focused manner. As part of the vocational programme they also qualify as forklift operators. 

What you will need

This role calls for a hands-on mentality and the ability to work in a precise and well-structured manner. An interest in business operations, well-developed organisational skills and the capacity to think logically are also considered important. 


Secondary school qualifications (minimum level equivalent to Realschule in Germany or good grades from a Hauptschule) 

Start of programme

Kirn: 1 August 2020
Ringsheim: 1 September 2020


3 years


Ringsheim and Kirn

  • Warehouse Operator

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    Vocational training

    Kirn + Ringsheim, Germany

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