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When it comes to producing displays as well as illuminated and advertising signs, it is essential that the materials used can be processed as effortlessly as possible. At the same time, they have to deliver the very best results in terms of surface appearance. Our products offer the best of both worlds.

SIMOLUX is a transparent, shatterproof copolyester sheet made of PETG - a true all-rounder. Due to its high impact strength and excellent deep-drawing properties, together with the benefits of low flammability, SIMOLUX is the perfect material for a wide range of applications in the field of exhibition design.

The visual appearance of SIMOLUX sheets is second to none. This also includes a brilliant surface finish. Our product range includes sheets in a transparent, opaque, satin and embossed finish. They can also be supplied in customized colours. This makes them the perfect choice for a host of applications.

Special properties

  • High impact strength and shatter resistance
  • Simple handling and processing
  • Good deep-drawing properties
  • Excellent surface appearance
  • Low flammability in accordance with DIN 4102 B1 (1 to 8 mm)
  • Good chemical resistance

Specially designed for digital direct printing, SIMOPOR-LIGHT BRILLIANT has a unique composition that guarantees outstanding results together with exceptional process reliability. The sheets feature a specially developed white pigment that ensures brilliant picture reproduction.

Their exceptional surface finish facilitates ink acceptance even during high-speed processing. This makes SIMOPOR-LIGHT BRILLIANT sheets the perfect choice for cost-effective digital direct printing.

Special properties

  • Excellent printability on a wide range of flatbed printers
  • Brilliant white for perfect colour reproduction
  • Excellent ink acceptance
  • Low weight
  • High level of flatness
  • NF P 92-501 M1 from 2 to 10 mm (test certificate as of end 2016)
  • Euroclass C-s3-d0 from 2 to 10 mm (test certificate as of end 2016)
  • Highly cost-effective

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