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SIMONA offers a comprehensive range of equipment and accessories for professional processing and welding of piping systems. Drawing on many years of experience and first-class technical expertise, our highly qualified team looks forward to advising you. The joining technology on offer within this area is available for hire or sale.

Rental welding machines

  • Workshop machines
  • Socket welding machines
  • Butt welding machines (depending on size also available with CNC technology)

Accessories for heated-tool butt welding

  • Logging unit to record welding data
  • Internal pipe debeader (d 90 - d 500 mm)

Accessories for electrofusion socket welding

  • Rotary peeling devices (d 32 - d 500 mm)
  • Manual pipe scrapers

Equipment for electrofusion welding

Various types of lightweight 40 V all-purpose machines available:

  • With logging and barcode input
  • With additional manual input option
  • With barcode input, manual input and GEO data collection

SIMOFUSE® (integral electrofusion welding)

  • Clamping tools
  • Hydraulic devices

Stripping tools for SPC RC-Line pipes

SIMONA stripping tools have been specially developed for use on construction sites. Using the stripping tools, the protective jacket is easily removed from the welding area ready for subsequent processing. Thus, the pipes can be welded in accordance with the relevant DVS welding guidelines.

Silicone heating mats

To facilitate detachment of the protective jacket from the inner pipe, we recommend using silicone heating mats at low processing temperatures (< 15 °C).