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Opportunities for personal development are open to all SIMONA employees. In fact, the company has received a number of awards in recognition of its commitment in this area. We offer team and leadership programmes for employees, ranging from in-house courses in languages and specific applications through to external training of every kind.

In terms of career development opportunities, the most recent addition to our programme is the Talent Promotion Circle. This is a chance for enthusiastic and well-qualified employees to prepare themselves for responsible technical and managerial positions over a period of around two years. In a series of modules, participants are taught everything they need to know, e.g. methodological, leadership and intercultural skills and project and conflict management. Employees are selected from across our global organisation.

We asked some of our employees to write about the training they received at SIMONA:

Kevin Asti

“The promotion circle training is a rigorous and challenging course. It utilizes unique techniques to develop practical skills needed in managing an international business such as problem solving, decision making, leadership, project management, cultural understanding and change management.  I feel that it has improved my personal effectiveness and leadership skills, and found it to be more effective than other courses I have attended in the past.  Additionally, it has provided the opportunity to build relationships with other members of the organization. I appreciate the significant investment that SIMONA has made in us with this program, and believe it will lead to a stronger SIMONA team in the future.”

Satya Prakash Dwivedi

“Promotion Circle Training is one of the best trainings I had so far in my career. This training equipped me to understand international working environment and the ways to deal with them in effective manner. This training works perfectly as future leader role of the company to use them for personal as well as professional growth. I can say that this is one of the milestone points of my career’s advancement.”

Ina Frenger

"English is crucial in today's business world, so it's really important to keep working on your language skills. SIMONA offer regular free English courses for all employees. I've already attended several. The language training focuses on particular areas. It helps with your day-to-day work and consolidates your knowledge of vocabulary."

Waldemar Gerk

"I joined a seminar on leadership. That gave me some valuable ideas to try out in the workplace. The course leaders explained the various topics clearly and led discussions covering a wide range of issues. The trainers were excellent, and I liked the practical way the course was structured, with lots of opportunities to swap ideas. I think the seminar helped me in my everyday work, too. Because we were in a small group there was plenty of time to talk to and learn from other colleagues. We examined specific problems and how to motivate people. I learned some very useful tips. Overall, I think it was a great success."

Sören Schmäler

"The help and support I've received from SIMONA has allowed me to improve my career prospects by gaining a national engineering qualification specialising in plastics. The course lasts four years on a part-time basis, and you acquire a wide range of general and technical knowledge. At the same time, I took the opportunity to qualify as a trainer and take an exam that allows me to study at a university of applied sciences. I can apply the skills and knowledge I acquired during my training to my job. That will help me to gain even more experience and further my career."

Peter Ilzhöfer

"My course, leading to an advanced qualification (Industriemeister) in plastics and rubber engineering, lasted around six months. SIMONA allowed me the time off and provided financial support as well. I learned different methods of processing plastics and the basics of HR management. I particularly enjoyed the modules on HR management. It really is a fascinating and complex subject. I spent three months of the course at SKZ, a testing, training and research centre for the plastics industry. SIMONA employees are well thought of at SKZ, and you can find our products all over the training area. The course helped me to expand my technical knowledge, and that will stand me in good stead in my future career. My final mark was good. For me, that was a big personal success, and it has given me more confidence."

Sarah Rohr

"When I started a commercial apprenticeship with SIMONA in 2010 after my Abitur, I was really keen to finally start gaining practical experience and working independently instead of just learning and learning. I particularly enjoyed working in the Marketing department, and that's why I took up the offer of a job in Marketing Services once I had completed the apprenticeship. When I first started training with SIMONA, it didn't occur to me that I might want to study for a degree later on. Fortunately, SIMONA offers lots of opportunities in this area, so after completing the apprenticeship I launched myself into a combined work/study course in business management. As well as being given financial assistance and time off by SIMONA, I can ask my team for support whenever I need it. For me, this was the right choice. I love the variety you get from combining work and study. In fact, I would do it all over again!"