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The new Industry business line. What makes it special? How is it structured? Above all, how will the business line realise significant added value for SIMONA and its customers?

The foundations are absolutely solid: SIMONA has decades of experience in this area thanks to countless projects, expertise that has evolved over time and specialists with proven track records in every market segment of the industrial applications.

Furthermore, the Industry business line aims to ensure clients perceive SIMONA as a “customer-oriented best-in-class” partner within two or three years. This presupposes optimisation across the board: products must be simple to utilise and perform strongly, while services must be proficient and practical. Given that we are talking about safety-critical and environmentally relevant applications for the chemical process, semiconductor, mining and medical engineering sectors, this is essential.

Greater understanding for better results

To achieve our goals, the Industry business line will need to develop an even deeper understanding of industrial applications, market dynamics and technical requirements; in this way, it can emerge as a competent partner within customer ecosystems, one that is capable of driving growth for customers and SIMONA alike and thereby addressing key issues across all areas. One example here would be the transport and storage of aggressive media in the installations and factories of the chemicals industry.

Another would be designing plastics for wet chemical processes and wastewater treatment at semiconductor, battery and photovoltaic plants. In the area of planning for seawater desalination also, SIMONA seeks to provide clients with the best possible products and solutions − from pipe installation for reverse-osmosis systems to the treatment, transport and provisioning of drinking water.

The three synergy-driving factors: customer support, ­advisory expertise, sector specialists

Clearly, all of these are based on competent technical consultancy. The same applies to the mining industry, where SIMONA puts forward highly resilient products for the conveyance of solid and abrasive substances, thereby extending the maintenance cycle of customers through superior products. Then there is SIMONA’s contribution to the medical engineering field: making orthoses and prostheses safer and kinder to the skin so that they are more comfortable for patients to wear.

Technical consulting: the key to further growth!

More growth and greater market share for thermoplastic polymers

To achieve this goal, SIMONA is investing across the board. This involves everything from the intensive analysis of decision-making processes and supply chains in all market segments to the alignment of product solutions and services to customer workflows and requirements. SIMONA is also using its expertise in materials and process technology as a basis for bringing the company’s products and services to new industrial applications and regions.

Rather than merely follow the trend, the company is determined to be a driving force in the development of new products and services. With this in mind, an organisation has been set up with the aim of combining the strengths of our highly experienced and local customer support teams plus our advanced technical advisory expertise with the motivation levels of SIMONA specialists in the various market segments.

Generating added value by identifying trends earlier

Ultimately, this generates synergy and produces one clear advantage: trends can be identified at an earlier stage. This is a sound basis on which to develop innovative products that create added value in partnership with engineers and product managers.

Across client supply chains, we keep various target groups in mind − from end users and general contractors to operators and project developers. It is also critical to bear in mind that technical plastics distribution remains a cornerstone of the SIMONA business model. We will continue to act as a valued partner to the trade, identifying and developing common potential with a view to expanding our customer base effectively.

Collaboration with SIMONA business lines

Equally important to success is identifying and promoting the synergy that exists between SIMONA’s business lines. The benefits of cooperation with the Infrastructure business line are evident, for example, facilitating the early identification of large-scale construction and plant projects. This means that products for various trades – from civil engineering to production plants – can be pinpointed at an early stage. Close contacts with the Technical Service Centre and Product Management ensure two things: optimum technical support and a product range available on a just-in-time basis.

Industry business line at a glance:

  • 5 market segments: chemical process industry, semiconductor industry, mining industry, water treatment/pools, medical engineering
  • Market segment specialists with profound knowledge of market dynamics and technologies
  • High-performance polymers like PVDF, ECTFE and PFA
  • Comprehensive product portfolio of Semi-finished products, pipes/fittings and assemblies
  • Universal plastic formulas, e.g. flame-retardant, electrically conductive
  • Experienced, competent, customer-focused organisation
  • Excellent support from the Technical Service Centre, global sales organisation and Product Management
  • Single sourcing for customer projects
  • Long-term, intensive customer relationships

US$ 575 billion global chip market in 2022

Market segments and products

Chemical process industry / Semiconductor industry

  • Semi-finished products, pipes and fittings from SIMONA® PVC, PE, PP, PP-H AlphaPlus®, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, PFA
  • Flame-resistant formulas, certified under FM 4910 and DIN / ISO 4102 B1
  • Conformity to food processing regulations under EU 10/2011 and FDA

Mining industry

  • PE materials resistant to abrasive media such as SIMONA® PE 100 AP-Line and SIMONA® PE 1000 superlining

Water treatment / pools

  • Pipes, fittings and semi-finished products of SIMONA® PE, PP-H AlphaPlus® and PVDF for installation in water treatment units, tanks and metering units
  • Semi-finished products for the construction of pools from SIMONA® PVC and PP-C
  • UV-stabilised pipes and fittings for reverse-osmosis technology in seawater ­desalination plants and water utilities

Medical engineering

  • SIMOLIFE product range for the manufacture of prostheses and ortheses from the materials PP, PETG, PE, EVA
  • Certified to FDA and DIN EN ISO 10993-5/-10, physiologically safe according to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR)


  • Worldwide, customer-centric support from Technical Service Centre
  • SIMONA Academy training programme
  • Advice on material selection (temperature, chemical resistance)
  • Structural calculations using SmartTank, our own tank calculation software
  • Access to SIMCHEM database for chemical resistance with over 5,000 media listed
  • Design assistance

Delivering consistently high quality

Working closely with the Technical Service Centre and the Research and Development unit, newly acquired application expertise is applied to develop innovative, technically superior products and manufacture these to the requisite, consistently high standards of quality. Another success factor is SIMONA’s global set-up. Proximity to customers and markets spells major advantages, especially in the water treatment and semiconductor industries. SIMONA does everything possible to guarantee this, with global production sites, a tight distribution network in many countries and market specialists in SIMONA’s three hemispheres of Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Critical success factors: fresh application expertise and a global presence

Potential and opportunities

  • Water treatment: the increasing demand for clean drinking water presents growth opportunities in the installation of seawater desalination plants. According to UNICEF estimates, there are currently 3.6 billion people living in regions that experience extreme water shortages for at least one month in every year.
  • Semicon: dynamic digitalisation is leading to higher demand for semiconductors. The global chip market is expected to be worth US$ 575 billion in 2022. Driven by ­electromobility, the market for chips in automobiles could expand by as much as 11.9 per cent annually.
  • Environmental technology: between now and 2025, the global market volume for environmental engineering and resource efficiency is expected to expand by 6.9 per cent a year to exceed €5,900 billion. Plastic solutions are poised to deliver a valuable contribution in the generation, transport and storage of energy.

Sources: PwC study on “Opportunities for the global semiconductor market”; Roland Berger GmbH, “GreenTech made in Germany 2018”

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