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To meet customer requirements in every respect, you need to be one thing above all, and that’s flexible. That might at first sight seem relatively simple, but it’s not.

Because when it comes to realising successful applications in the mobility segment, there are special conditions to be met. It is often not enough, for example, to simply offer the product that most closely matches the specific requirements. Rather, it is also a matter of working closely with the client to map out the critical characteristics, develop an efficient and sustainable solution, and then implement it worldwide. And this is the goal of our new Mobility business line.

Products with recycled content

The thermoplastics segment for automotive applications is very price-driven and time-sensitive. In this extremely competitive market, SIMONA has already made a name for itself with OEMs and car makers with its unique product for the manufacture of plastic fuel tanks. During production, material waste from customer sheets is returned to the original manufacturing process as recycled plastic regrind.

Penetrating new markets

Our focus is on the interior finishing of trains and we have already developed a relevant product range – SIMORAIL – consisting of innovative, lightweight and recyclable thermoplastics. Our target groups are designers, railcar builders, component manufacturers and plastics processors. The segment is both complex and exacting, so the barriers to market entry are correspondingly high. There are new and more stringent fire protection standards like the EN 45545 to be met, for example, and custom designs and colour schemes are also essential. However, the effort involved is worthwhile due to the dynamic market growth and the option of substituting non-recyclable materials in the medium and long term. In addition, the characteristics of SIMORAIL products can be transferred to other mobility segments with just some minor adjustments. The thermoformed components are equally suitable for trucks, buses and even ships. There is also potential for the manufacture of hydrogen tanks.

Approx. 200 rail projects planned worldwide by 2025

Market potential rail interiors

  • The “Global Metro Rail Projects Report 2020” lists almost 500 rail projects worldwide with a total volume of more USD 920 billion.
  • The largest region for rail projects by far is the Asia-Pacific region, followed by Europe and America.
  • Around 200 projects worldwide are set to be realised by 2025
  • The study estimates the market volume for rail vehicles to be between USD 138 to 231 billion.

Extending the product range

Using high-performance fibres like carbon and glass is yet another strategy for the future. By means of localised reinforcements, the characteristic features, and thus the range of uses, can be extended to allow customisation. To sum it up: we have many ideas combined with the clear strategy of exploiting the importance of mobility as a global growth area. This area of our business is driven by an international interdisciplinary team that tackles the worldwide marketing in the specified areas of application. Already essential in the automotive segment, global availability and compliance with national approvals and specifications are to become the standard for our mobility products as well – accompanied by transparent, open communication, local market access, strong technical support and the backing of our worldwide production network.

New standard: mobility products, ­ available ­worldwide, tailored ­precisely to national markets.

Market segments and products


  • SIMONA® PE multilayer sheets for manufacturing vehicle fuel tanks
  • Milled weld-on caps made from SIMONA® PE multilayer sheets for vehicle fuel tanks 

Rail vehicles

SIMORAIL product range for flame-retardant interior cladding for rail vehicles, e.g., for the manufacture of:

  • Seats
  • Armrests
  • Wall cladding
  • Window panels
  • Partitions
  • Ceiling elements
  • Shelves

The products from the SIMORAIL range meet the most stringent fire protection standards to EN 45545 and NFPA 130.


  • Semi-finished products in a wide range of designs and colours for the interior finishing of passenger aircraft

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