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Entsprechenserklärung 2022 Brochures

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Consolidated Financial Statements 2021 Brochures

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Financial Statements 2021 Brochures

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SIMONA Annual Report 2021 Brochures

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Group Interim Report for the First Half of 2022 Brochures

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ISCC PLUS Certificate Simona AG Brochures

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ISCC PLUS Certificate Simona Ringsheim Brochures

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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen TSCHECHIEN Brochures

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SIMONA image brochure 2022 Brochures

PDF (56 Pages) | 3.74 MB SIMOPOR Brochures

Processing instruction. Products within the SIMOPOR range can be easily processed using standard tools and their dimensional stability is excellent. With this we would like to give you important advice for an easy workability.

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SIMONA Annual Report 2022 Brochures

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Financial Statements 2022 Brochures

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Consolidated Financial Statements 2022 Brochures

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SIMORAIL Thermoforming Guidelines Brochures

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SIMONA® CELPLAST® – Light, sturdy, multifunctional Brochures

Are you looking for an innovative yet versatile solution for your design ideas? Then SIMONA® CELPLAST® is the ideal choice.

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Declaration of Conformity 2024 Brochures

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Financial Statements 2023 Brochures

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SIMONA Annual Report 2023 Brochures

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SIMONA® Piping systems for drinking water supply Safe and efficient solutions in plastics Brochures

SIMONA offers premium-quality piping systems for the safe and leak-free supply of drinking water. Whether for water catchment, water treatment, elevated tank lining or drinking water supply, whether by means of open or trenchless installation – the materials used by SIMONA can be optimally tailored to the specific application and are designed for maximum efficiency and load-bearing capacity in all situations.

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SIMONA® SmartTank 4.0 Brochures

SIMONA® SmartTank 4.0 is the next generation of our tried and tested program for the calculation of rectangular and cylindrical tanks. Featuring state-of-the-art methods of numerical computation, the program offers the very best quality in terms of user-friendly application and structural design output.

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PE/PP Twin-wall Sheets Brochures

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Cable conduit systemsFor underground power and data cables Brochures

In order to ensure the safe transport of energy and data, SIMONA offers a comprehensive system of pipes, fittings and protective plates for the permanent protection of buried power cables. The purpose of these cable conduits is to protect buried cables from environmental influences such as wetness/moisture, earth loads or traffic loads, as well as to prevent subsequent damage due to earthworks, for example.

Translated with (free version)

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SIMONA® PE 100 AP-Line wastewater piping system Brochures

When it comes to wastewater applications, in particular, piping systems are invariably exposed to a continuous, high level of mechanical stress due to sand, fine-grain gravel and a mixture of substances bound in the sewage sludge. For years now, SIMONA has been developing plastic piping system solutions with an increased level of abrasion resistance in order to prolong service life in those cases in which there is exposure to substantial mechanical stress.

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Group Interim Report for the First Half of 2021 Brochures

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SIMORAIL-Brochure Brochures

With our SIMORAIL family, we have developed a range of high-performance plastics that offer maximum safety, weight savings and durability in railway interiors. SIMORAIL meets the requirements of all major global fire regulation standards, including EN 45545 and NFPA 130, and thus offers versatile application options.

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SIMOPOOL Brochures

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Transparently safe Brochures

Transparent screens in public buildings and shops play a key role in slowing the spread of infectious diseases – without obstructing our view. Protect your employees, customers and visitors with transparent sheets from SIMONA.

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Group Interim Report for the First Half 2020 Brochures

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Product Overview SIMONA Brochures

SIMONA is acknowledged as one of the leading producers and development partners in the field of semi-finished thermoplastics. With an extensive range of sheets, rods, profiles, welding rods, pipes, fittings and valves we are able to offer you best-in-class solutions tailored to your applications. The materials offered within this area include everything from PE and PP to PVC, PVC-C, PVDF, E-CTFE and PETG. What is more, our operations span the globe.

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Catalogue Semi-Finished Products Brochures

Range of products Sheets, Rods, Profiles, Welding Rods, regarding Order-No.

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SIMONA Annual Report 2020 Brochures

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Gross Price List Pipes, Fittings, Valves - SIMONA® PE 100, PE-EL Brochures

Gross Price List Pipes, Fittings, Valves - SIMONA® PE 100, PE-EL


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Gross Price List Pipes, Fittings, Valves - SIMONA® PP, PPs, PVDF, ECTFE Brochures

Gross Price List Pipes, Fittings, Valves - SIMONA® PP, PPs, PVDF, ECTFE


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Excel (valid from 01.02.2023)

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Gross Price List SIMONA® PVC-GLAS Pipes Brochures

Gross Price List SIMONA® PVC-GLAS Pipes

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SWITZERLAND: Gross Price List Pipes, Fittings, Valves Brochures

Applicable as of 03 April 2017: Gross Price List SWITZERLAND: Pipes, Fittings, Valves

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Technical Handbook Brochures

We have excelled as a result of our significant expertise surrounding the materials and processes used, indepth knowledge of the individual fields of application and the interactions of various materials within these specific areas. This book brings together our expertise in the field of materials and applications. It has been compiled with our customers in mind, i.e. for those people who, like SIMONA, have a keen interest in plastic as one of the most versatile materials imaginable – for people who share our passion and are inspired by the many areas of application that plastics can unlock. It is to be seen as a reference book, training manual and source for new ideas. With this in mind, we hope you enjoy reading this book and look forward to any comments you might have.

PDF (108 Pages) | 3.13 MB - Engineering Manual for Piping Systems Brochures

This manual support you perform the planning and design work when the data has been compiled. It also explains our fabrication capabilities and fields of application of our premium-quality piping systems in the range of SIMONA® PE, PP and PVDF.

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SIMONA Magazine - Discover Future Solutions Brochures

SIMONA MAGAZINE. Our products are available worldwide - Join us in developing the plastics solutions of the future.

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Ausbildung in Kirn 2024 Brochures

Information zu den Ausbildungsberufen am Standort Kirn für das Jahr 2024.

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Ausbildung in Ringsheim 2024 Brochures

Information zu den Ausbildungsberufen am Standort Ringsheim für das Jahr 2024.

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SIMONA® Water Treatment Systems - Efficient and durable solutions made of plastic Brochures

Overcoming future challenges together – with plastics for seawater desalination. Almost half of the world‘s population lives in regions with an insufficient water supply during at least one month of the year. With usable water becoming one of the most valuable resources in existence, the demand for water treatment products has also increased significantly.

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Plastic solutions for the bulk material sector Brochures

SIMONA can offer you a complete system of plastic sheets and fastening materials for high-performance liners, along with plastic pipes and fittings to ensure the safe transportation of materials. Our products are specially designed to meet the particular needs of your industry and applications.

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SIMONA® Large Injection-Moulded Fittings - Full pressure load capacity, high efficiency Brochures

Our product range of large-size injection-moulded fittings is available in various pressure classes in sizes up to d 900 mm. We manufacture both PE 100 and PP fittings with short and long spigots.

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Product Information Seamless Bends Brochures

Seamless. Flawless. Enormous. - Our seamless bends are now also available in sizes ranging from d 710 to d 1,000 mm.

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Product Information Injection-Moulded Bends d 450/500 mm Brochures

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Reduktionsverfahren (Swagelining, DynTec) Brochures

Dieses wirtschaftliche Verfahren ist für die grabenlose Erneuerung von Druckrohr- und Freispiegelleitungen in nahezu allen Durchmessern und Querschnitten geeignet.

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SIMONA® PE 100 CoEx schraubbare Kurzrohrmodule Brochures

SIMONA® PE 100 CoEx schraubbare Kurzrohrmodule kommen in der Sanierung von Hausanschlusszuläufen und zum Anschluss an Abwassersammler zum Einsatz.

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SIMONA® PA 12-Line Pipes and Fittings for gas applications (16 bar) Brochures

SIMONA® PA 12-Line Pipes and Fittings are suitable for gas pressure applications up to 16 bar. Perfectly strainresistant welded joints enable safe installation.

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SIMONA® Solid and Hollow Rods - Cost-effective production of fittings and finished parts Brochures

SIMONA® Solid and Hollow Rods are the perfect choice for the production of fittings and finished parts using CNC machining centres. The extruded rods combine high chemical resistance and excellent processing characteristics with extreme toughness and rigidity. aus.



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SIMOFUSE® - Intelligent joining with integral electrofusion system Brochures

SIMOFUSE® joining technology is efficient and space-saving and can be implemented quickly on site even within shored trenches. Unlike electrofusion socket welding, there is no need to cut out socket recesses on the pipe support. The SIMOFUSE® system can be easily installed through the smooth-walled socket and spigot end on the already compacted pipe support

PDF (16 Pages) | 2.69 MB

SIMODUAL² Industrial Double-Containment Piping System - Dual pipes for double the protection Brochures

Double-walled piping systems are recommended for the transport of any hazardous substances. To address this need, SIMONA has developed the SIMODUAL2 Double-Containment Piping System as an innovative, all-inclusive system with integrated anchor points.

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SIMODUAL² Product Range Brochures

SIMODUAL² Pipes & Fittings

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SIMONA® PE 100 AP-Line - Pipes and fittings for transporting solids Brochures

SIMONA® PE 100 AP-Line Pipes and Fittings were specially developed to meet requirements of significant mechanical loads during hydraulic transport of solids such as sand, coal sludge or ores and pneumatic conveying of granular material. SIMONA® PE 100 AP-Line feature a particularly wear-resistant interior skin (AP = Abrasion Protect).

PDF (6 Pages) | 1.57 MB

SIMONA®Wastewater Piping Systems - Safe and efficient solutions in plastics Brochures

SIMONA® Wastewater Piping Systems combine excellent flexibility and durability with outstanding functionality. Installation is simple and cost-effective thanks to their low weight and reliable joining methods. In contrast to conventional materials, they are capable of transporting wastewater safely without discharges and uncontrolled seepage. From project development to on-site planning, our team of experts can assist you all the way with tailor-made consulting services.

PDF (44 Pages) | 6.23 MB

SIMONA® PFA - High-performance plastics for corrosion protection Brochures

Fully fluorinated SIMONA® Semi-Finished Parts are used primarily in highly demanding operating conditions, e. g. in the area of heavy-duty corrosion protection. Combining the benefits of excellent chemical resistance with high temperature stability, they contribute directly to the overall durability and reliability of applications.

PDF (5 Pages) | 704.94 KB

SIMODRAIN® Drainage Pipe Systems for traffic route engineering Brochures

Traffic routes are a key element of our technical infrastructure. With this in mind, it is important to keep them in a good, safe condition. Drainage systems that discharge in situ groundwater and surface water help to protect and improve the quality and safety of our traffic networks in the long term.

PDF (36 Pages) | 6.44 MB

SIMODRAIN® Auflagering für SIMONA® Kunststoffschächte Brochures

Mit dem neuen SIMODRAIN® PE Auflagering stellt SIMONA eine Neuentwicklung vor, die den speziellen bauseitigen Anforderungen beim Bau einer Tiefenentwässerung im Bereich von Eisenbahnverkehrslasten gerecht wird.

PDF (2 Pages) | 1.55 MB

SIMONA® PE 100 FM-Line - Pipes and fittings for firefighting water supply Brochures

The SIMONA® PE 100 FM-Line range of pipes and fittings with FM certification offers a superior standard of safety and quality for use in subterranean fire extinguishing systems. What is more, SIMONA is the first plastics manufacturer worldwide to supply "FM APPROVED" pipes and fittings in sizes up to d 630 mm.

PDF (4 Pages) | 787.46 KB

SIMOLIFE - Product Range for Orthotics and Prosthetics Brochures

Plastics in Service of Health - Acknowledged for its consistently high quality, SIMONA has been a trusted partner to the orthopaedic technology sector for more than 35 years. The SIMOLIFE line of sheet materials represents the most extensive range of products tailored to the specific requirements of the orthopaedics industry. Using certified raw materials, we manufacture premium-quality products that meet the highest standards applicable within the health care sector.

PDF (28 Pages) | 2.12 MB

SIMOLIFE EVA - Flexible Plastic Sheets for Orthopaedic Products Brochures

Owing to their inherent material properties, SIMOLIFE EVA Sheets are the perfect choice for applications in the field of orthopaedics technology. With EVA flex and EVA superflex, SIMONA has developed a product range that meets a wide range of requirements with regard to flexibility of the specific material.

PDF (4 Pages) | 402.50 KB

SIMONA® PE Ovoid Piping Systems - For highly fluctuating waste-water flows Brochures

Applying a patented manufacturing process, SIMONA produ- ces polyethylene ovoid pipes for the repair of existing brickwork sewage systems and concrete ovoid ducts as well as for the installation of new lines. For the first time, SIMONA® PE ovoid pipes combine the benefits of the proven ovoid shape – high flow velocity for small quantities of water, improved discharge of large quantities of water – with the impressive material and processing properties of polyethylene.

PDF (12 Pages) | 1.07 MB

SIMONA® Industrial Piping Systems - Superior Reliability in Extreme Conditions Brochures

The outstanding versatility of SIMONA® products is illustrated by the host of industrial applications to which they can be applied. Corrosion resistance, low weight and chemical resistance provide tangible advantages compared to conventional materials. The product portfolio offered by SIMONA within the area of engineered plastics is close to unparalleled. What is more, we are committed to developing solutions tailored precisely to your individual requirements, while always ensuring that each product delivers superior value from a commercial perspective.

PDF (56 Pages) | 1.86 MB

SIMONA® Twin-Wall Sheets - The efficient solution for strong, lightweight construction Brochures

Our R&D team is committed to the continuous development of our product range. Thanks to innovative technical adjustments, we have managed to further improve the efficiency and stability of our lengthways- ribbed twin-wall sheets. The result: a new cross-ribbed twin-wall sheet with reduced wall thicknesses. Both designs within the SIMONA® Twin-Wall Sheet range offer the advantages of high rigidity, low specific weight, and good thermal insulation. What is more, they combine the benefits of simple handling and processing.

PDF (8 Pages) | 1.79 MB

SIMOLUX - Transparent PETG sheets Brochures

SIMOLUX, the transparent, break-proof copolyester sheet made of PETG, is a true allrounder. Combining high impact strength and excellent thermoforming properties with low flammability, SIMOLUX is the perfect material for a variety of applications.

PDF (3 Pages) | 1.97 MB

SIMONA® PVC-C CORZAN - Engineered from post-chlorinated PVC for exceptional performance Brochures

Unrivalled durability - Owing to their increased chlorine content, semi-finished products made of SIMONA® PVC-C CORZAN Industrial Grade offer exceptional chemical resistance. What is more, sheets engineered from this material have an extremely smooth surface finish, thus significantly reducing the adverse effects of chemical attack.

PDF (6 Pages) | 321.42 KB

SIMONA® PVC-MZ-COLOR - High impact strength and excellent thermoforming properties Brochures

High-strength sheets for all purposes - Owing to their high impact strength, proven chemical resistance and excellent formability, SIMONA® PVC-MZ-COLOR sheets are the perfect choice not only for tank and apparatus construction but also for applications in the field of structural, advertising and automotive engineering.

PDF (4 Pages) | 826.27 KB

SIMONA® PE 1000 superlining - Lining Plastics for the Bulk Materials Industry Brochures

SIMONA high-performance plastic sheets have been designed to meet the full range of materialflow, friction and wear challenges associated with bulk materials. SIMONA® PE 1000 superlining is a premium line of products with excellent slip properties and extremely high wear resistance.

PDF (6 Pages) | 1.19 MB

SIMONA® PE Multilayer Sheets - The Perfect Barrier Against Gases and Liquids Brochures

SIMONA® PE Multilayer Sheets are made of polyethylene and feature a barrier layer made of EVOH. Owing to their EVOH barrier against liquids and the excellent thermoforming properties of polyethylene, they open up new approaches to the design of industrial tanks for the purpose of storing and transporting liquid media such as fuels, solvents, chemicals and perfumes.

PDF (8 Pages) | 2.11 MB

frisylen® Cutting Pads - Top-quality plastic pads for die-cutting Brochures

Throughout the world, the frisylen® brand stands for efficient die-cutting of all types of material. frisylen® pads are available in various degrees of hardness – always completely free of bubbles. Their high impact strength allows perfect and neat die-cutting with low wear.

PDF (4 Pages) | 395.74 KB

SIMONA® PE FOAM/ SIMONA® PP FOAM - Foamed Plastic Sheets Brochures

Light Weight and High Rigidity – Featuring a closed-cell foamed core and coextruded outer layers, the new sheets SIMONA® PE FOAM and SIMONA® PP FOAM provide an outstanding combination of light weight and high rigidity.

PDF (4 Pages) | 243.65 KB

SIMONA® COPLAST - Coextruded PVC foam Sheets for indoor and outdoor applications Brochures

SIMONA® COPLAST are coextruded PVC foam sheets which are designed to deliver a sophisticated, premium-quality appearance. In addition, COPLAST combines good rigidity with UV and weather stability, making it the perfect solution for outdoor applications.

PDF (4 Pages) | 814.58 KB

SIMOPOR Lightweight PVC free-foam sheets Brochures

SIMONA’s new SIMOPOR product family unlocks new possibilities for creative designs in the field of visual communication and construction. From pure white to vibrant colours, from low flammability to light as a feather – our extended product range includes solutions tailored precisely to your projects.

PDF (8 Pages) | 1.12 MB

SIMOPOR CONSTRUCT - High on lightweight performance, low on cost Brochures

SIMOPOR CONSTRUCT is our very latest PVC free-foam sheet. It comes with a compelling value proposition in the form of low weight, high stability and excellent processing capability. By using recycled materials, we have applied a full-circle approach to the material cycle – delivering a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional solutions featuring wood or metal. SIMOPOR CONSTRUCT offers advantages typical of plastic, such as resistance to moisture and chemical media, protection against corrosion and decay, and thermoformability – a combination of properties that paves the way for new design solutions in many fields of application.

PDF (6 Pages) | 913.11 KB

SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® - Added value in industrial piping system construction Brochures

Newly developed SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® is a homopolymeric polypropylene (PP-H) that offers a host of possibilities when it comes to designing and implementing premium-quality industrial piping systems. SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® combines a number of advantages.

PDF (10 Pages) | 575.81 KB

SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® Added value in chemical tank and equipment engineering Brochures

SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® is a homopolymeric polypropylene (PP-H) featuring a specially modified formula that makes it the perfect choice for applications within the area of industrial tank and plant engineering.

PDF (8 Pages) | 816.18 KB

SIMONA® PE CoEx Sewer Pipe Systems for municipal waste water - Plastics in environmental protection Brochures

The state-of-the-art SIMONA product range includes traditional black PE-HD pipes as well as a comprehensive waste-water pipe system made of co-extruded PE-HD solid-wall pipes, known as the SIMONA® PE CoEX sewer pipe system. The light grey interior layer of SIMONA® PE CoEx sewer pipes allows optimum illumination during camera inspection without any reflections.

PDF (10 Pages) | 394.96 KB

SIMONA® PE 100 Tees with Reduced Branch - Compact fittings for full-pressure loads Brochures

Drawing on its many years of expertise, SIMONA has now produced reduced-branch tees capable of withstanding fullpressure loads – a solution tailored to the requirements of the water utility industry. The fittings are equipped with a reinforced saddle, thus allowing maximumpressure operation without the need for full encasing. Thanks to the compact design, complex assemblies consisting of tees and reducers are also a thing of the past. The result: reduced space requirement, more efficient installation and significant cost savings.

PDF (4 Pages) | 161.22 KB

SIMONA® PE 100 Full Face Flanges - Universal connection, compact design Brochures

SIMONA® PE 100 full face flanges combine the high section modulus of PP/steel with the exceptional connection versatility of PE 100. Produced as part of a state-of-the-art injection moulding process, full face flanges can be used for the reliable and efficient connection of PE piping systems to metal-based components. Thus, SIMONA® PE 100 full face flanges are the perfect choice when it comes to combining different types of material within a specific piping system.

PDF (4 Pages) | 434.91 KB SIMODRAIN® Drainage Pipe Systems (laying information) Brochures

In this you will find detailed laying information, full filling tables and an example of a calculation for the hydraulic discharge data of our SIMODRAIN® drainage pipe systems.

PDF (28 Pages) | 1.22 MB - SIMONA® PE Brochures

Polyethylene (PE) is classified according to various criteria: in addition to distinguishing between individual production methods (e. g. low- and high-pressure processes), polyethylene is generally categorised according to density, molecular weight and creep behaviour. Within this context, it is possible that various types of PE display different properties with regard to one of the aforementioned criteria, while they are identical in the two other areas.

PDF (18 Pages) | 847.96 KB - SIMONA® Electrically Conductive (EL) Plastics Brochures

Plastics are contributing to an ever-increasing range of applications in our modern-day life. They are deployed in the chemical industry and the manufacture of tanks, apparatus and pipelines. There they are used not only because of their good cost/benefit ratio but also because of their high chemical resistance and excellent processing capabilities. In those sectors the plastics primarily used are polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP).

PDF (16 Pages) | 803.39 KB - SIMONA® PP Brochures SIMONA® PP Semi-Finished Parts. Polypropylene – a material with an asymmetrical chemical structure, as opposed to polyethylene – can be subdivided into groups according to various characteristics.

PDF (23 Pages) | 1.44 MB SIMONA® COPLAST Brochures

SIMONA® COPLAST is a composite material made of compact outer skins specially stabilised for outdoor applications and foamed PVC-U (rigid PVC) as a core material. Its mean density is only approx. 0.67 g/cm³, whilst rigidity is high. Sound insulation and thermal insulation are integral features of this material. In addition, the level of flammability is low, as a result of which this material is suitable for a wide range of applications. As the outer skins are made of compact, plasticiser-free PVC, the overall surface quality is considered excellent. This makes the material ideal for use in fields such as advertising, displays, exhibition stand construction, etc.

PDF (16 Pages) | 360.42 KB - SIMONA® Twin-Wall Sheets Brochures

Introduction, Product range, Technical Information, Processing Information, Storage, Legal note and advice, EC Safety Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet.

PDF (24 Pages) | 1.07 MB - SIMONA® PE blue 340 - Sheets for elevated tank linings in drinking water applications Brochures

SIMONA® PE blue 340 sheets are a cost-effective

solution when it comes to lining tanks containing

raw, purified or drinking water. At the same time,

they are designed to minimise cleaning and disinfection


PDF (4 Pages) | 357.07 KB - SIMOFUSE® Shaft Connection - Product Information, Installation Instructions, Information about Shaft Installation Brochures

This applies to SIMONA® shaft connections in the SIMOFUSE® series, featuring PE-HD with integral electrofusion filaments for a strong connection between PE-HD sewer pipes and precast concrete shafts for factory installation at a concrete plant.

PDF (12 Pages) | 569.20 KB - SIMOFUSE® Pipe Joining - Product Information, Installation Instructions Brochures

This provides details of how to use SIMONA® SIMOFUSE® pipe connectors made of PE-HD with integral, covered electrofusion filaments for a permanently tight, high tensilestrength connection of PE-HD sewer pipes.

PDF (12 Pages) | 1.16 MB - SIMONA® PE 500/SIMONA® PE 1000 Brochures

Introduction, Product range, Technical Information, Processing Information, Storage, Legal note and advice, EC Safety Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet.

PDF (21 Pages) | 2.62 MB - SIMONA® PE FOAM / SIMONA® PP FOAM Brochures

Introduction, Product range, Technical Information, Processing Information, Storage, Legal note and advice, EC Safety Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet.

PDF (15 Pages) | 216.94 KB Welding Brochures

Processing Instructions. Presentation of the various methods of welding such as hot-gas welding, heated tool welding, filament welding, and extrusion welding. Overview of the applicable standards and rules, overviews of the most important technical parameters and remarks about the methods of testing.

PDF (60 Pages) | 1.84 MB Machining Brochures

Processing Instructions machining of thermoplastics

PDF (19 Pages) | 318.13 KB Thermoforming, Hot-Forming, Bending Brochures

Processing Instructions. Within the industrial field, a number of processes have proved successful for the efficient forming of plastics. These processes, which are subject to constant development in line with technological advance, can be categorised as thermoforming, hot-forming and bending. Deep-drawing, vacuum forming and compressed-air forming are special methods of thermoforming

PDF (28 Pages) | 511.51 KB Gluing Brochures

Processing Instructions. Presentation of the various types of glue. Explanations about adhesion and diffusion bonding, pretreatment of the parts to be bonded and about the bondability of SIMONA® materials. Information about the stresses and strains to which glued structures are subjected.

PDF (22 Pages) | 387.37 KB

Processing Instructions Lining and Composite Construction Brochures

In recent years composite designs have become increasingly important in chemical engineering. Wherever solid plastic designs or stainess steel and special metals are confronted with economic limitations related to to design, it is preferable to use a composite design with an internal liner. The high chemical resistance of thermoplastics from SIMONA® range of products is completed by the physical strength of proven materials such as GRP and steel.

PDF (24 Pages) | 273.40 KB

Tolerances Sheets extruded Brochures

Tolerances of SIMONA® extruded Sheets

PDF (2 Pages) | 58.12 KB

Tolerances Sheets pressed Brochures

Tolerances of SIMONA® pressed Sheets

PDF (1 Page) | 31.77 KB

Tolerances of Solid Rods Brochures

Tolerances of SIMONA® Solid Rods

PDF (2 Pages) | 93.84 KB

Tolerances Hollow Rods Brochures

Tolerancs of SIMONA® Hollow Rods

PDF (1 Page) | 23.54 KB

Tolerances Welding Rods Brochures

PDF (7 Pages) | 115.14 KB - Special Edition K 2016 Brochures

PDF (12 Pages) | 2.38 MB

CaseStudy 66 - Cooling water tanks made of cross-ribbed SIMONA® Twin-Wall Sheets pave the way for innovative energy concepts Brochures

In Ingolstadt a state-of-the-art technology park called incampus wasopened on a rehabilitated refinery site covering 75 hectares. As a zeroenergycampus, this high-tech park is designed to generate just as muchenergy in future as it consumes. This innovative energy concept is to berealised with a water-based piping network, the so-called LowEx network.One integral part is a 100 m³ cooling water tank made of cross-ribbedSIMONA® PE 100 black Twin-Wall Sheets.

PDF (2 Pages) | 1.15 MB


Semi-finished thermoplastic products and piping systems made from renewable or circular raw materials – innovative, climate-friendly and of premium quality.

PDF (2 Pages) | 903.72 KB

CaseStudy 65 - Rainwater storage tanks made of lengthways-ribbed SIMONA® Twin- Wall Sheets make a valuable contribution to environmental protection Brochures

Use rainwater instead of wasting drinking water - that was the mottoto be embraced when it came to refurbishing a locomotive shed beingused as an event location in Göttingen. In this case, the old rainwater utilisationsystem was to be replaced by two maximum-capacity rainwaterstorage tanks. To construct these plastic tanks Hopfgartner Kunststoff- &Umwelttechnik GmbH opted in favour of lengthways-ribbed SIMONA® PE100 black Twin-Wall Sheets, which proved to be a convincing option onaccount of their high strength, easy processing capability and long servicelife.

PDF (2 Pages) | 2.12 MB

CaseStudy 64 - SIMORAIL HL3 – Exceptional safety and functionality combined with a multitude of design options Brochures

As a manufacturer of rail vehicles, Swiss-based Stadler is aware of its social responsibilities when it comes to sustainable mobility. With this in mind, the company is committed to supplying innovative, sustainable and long-lasting products of the highest quality. This was also reflected in the choice of materials for the interior design of Stadler's latest tram -TINA. Those involved in the engineering project opted for SIMORAIL HL3 sheets. Thanks to their special properties, these sheets boast a particularly long service life and can be fully recycled at the end of their product life cycle.

PDF (2 Pages) | 850.77 KB

CaseStudy 63 - SIMONA® PE 100-RC Line Brochures

SIMONA® PE 100-RC Line pressure pipes to create an irrigation system pipeline using the ploughing method

PDF (2 Pages) | 1.01 MB

CaseStudy 62 - Murrtal waterworks - SIMONA® PPH AlphaPlus® pipes and fittings Brochures

As an α-nucleated homopolymeric polypropylene (PP-H), SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® is predestined for use in waterworks. The fine crystallite structure of the material has a particularly positive effect on the surface roughness of the internal pipe surfaces carrying the media. This greatly reduces pipe friction and minimises pressure losses. In addition, the extremely low surface roughness is a key quality criterion when it comes to mitigating the risk of adhesion to the inner pipe surfaces and thus contamination of drinking water. These properties also proved to be a compelling proposition for our partner Keller Industriemontagen, who opted for SIMONA's PP-H AlphaPlus® products, among others, when selecting materials for the project.

PDF (2 Pages) | 1.72 MB

CaseStudy 61 - Thermoformed components made of SIMORAIL HL3 – for greater sustainability in local public transport Brochures

The expansion of urban areas has produced greater demand for fast and efficient public transport. In this context, sustainability and climate protection are playing an increasingly important role. Against this backdrop, the Australian city of Brisbane has teamed up with Carrosserie HESS AG, Switzerland, for the purpose introducing a fleet of battery-powered double-articulated buses as part of its new metro system. PLASTIKA BALUMAG AG, also based in Switzerland, is producing the thermoformed roof frame and door covers made of SIMORAIL HL3 for these electric buses.

PDF (2 Pages) | 1.33 MB

CaseStudy 60 – Safe storage of sodium hydroxide solution at Covestro AG thanks to SIMONA® PP-C-PK internal tank lining Brochures

SIMONA® PP-C-PK is a genuine all-rounder when it comes to the internal lining of tanks for the chemical process industry. The material combines high chemical resistance with excellent weldability and owing to the

polypropylene backing it provides an optimal bond with the load-bearing material of the tanks. These properties also impressed our partner, Plasticon Germany, who, in the production of a new elevated catholyte

tank, opted for an internal lining with PP-C-PK sheets from SIMONA.

PDF (2 Pages) | 1.09 MB

CaseStudy 59 – Mobile washing containers made of weather resistant SIMONA® Twin-Wall Sheets Brochures

Cleaning made easy: on behalf of KWB Air Systems, Profilplast, a leading distributor of semi-finished plastic products and piping components, was in search of a suitable structural material for the construction of an innovative cleaning container. As the container had to be flexible with regard to the field of applications, and hence transportable, apart from resistance to ultraviolet radiation and moisture it was particularly the weight of the material that played a key role. White SIMONA® PE 100 Twin-Wall Sheets with UV stabilisation convinced the client on account of their low specific weight and high level of rigidity, as a result of which it was possible to construct the washing container without any steel reinforcement.

PDF (2 Pages) | 345.79 KB

CaseStudy 58 - SIMONA® PE 100 products for a drinking water pipeline in Belgium Brochures

Renovation of the existing drinking water supply network in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) was a particular challenge for FARYS, a Belgian water supply company. Owing to the existing infrastructure, numerous obstructions had to be bypassed in route planning, as a result of which it was necessary to implement a combination of open-cut and trenchless pipelaying.

PDF (2 Pages) | 350.10 KB

CaseStudy 57 - SIMONA® PFA protects reactor cover against wear and corrosion Brochures

OOO “Perm Chemical Company”, a Russian chemical manufacturer, commissioned OOO “Novitek” to make a reactor cover for a steel reactor. A protective layer made of SIMONA® PFA-GK inside the new cover ensures that the latter withstands the demanding operating conditions of the chemical reactor. The excellent chemical and high temperature resistance of SIMONA® PFA-GK sheets rolong the service life of the reactor and at the same time minimise the need for maintenance work.

PDF (2 Pages) | 1.57 MB

CaseStudy 56 - SIMONA® PE 100 pipes, fittings and PP-H AlphaPlus® sheets for Europa-Park in Rust Brochures

In an extension area of Europa-Park in Rust, covering about 450,000 square metres, a spectacular, Scandinavian-style water world was realised after a construction period of only two years. The bathing water treatment plant of the large-scale “Rulantica” project was built by SIMONA AG’s long-term partner, aquila wasseraufbereitungstechnik gmbh. For that purpose, SIMONA AG supplied a total of more than 100 tonnes of PE 100 pipes and fittings with diameters between 50 and 500 mm.

PDF (2 Pages) | 2.11 MB

CaseStudy 55 - Lining the interior of food silos with SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® Brochures

TATE & LYLE plc is an international British company in the food industry and it specialises in the production of sweeteners, starch and food supplements. The company's Dutch subsidiary commissioned Roos & Co. Kunststoff- und Metallverarbeitungs GmbH to rehabilitate food silos. The interiors of the six concrete silos were lined with SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® sheets, which proved to be a convincing solution on account of their food compliance, easy processing capability and high chemical resistance.

PDF (2 Pages) | 3.67 MB

CaseStudy 54 - Central vacuum system made of SIMONA® PE 100 Pipes reduces energy costs Brochures

Schweikart hightech Holzteile GmbH specialises in highly efficient parts machining and is proficient in numerous process techniques with various production depths. To reduce energy costs, Schweikart wanted to connect multiple CNC lines to a central vacuum system. Owing to the special load, a search was conducted to identify an alternative to conventional ventilation ducts made of thin sheet metal. On account of the modular design, light weight and integral connection, Schweikart opted for a plastic solution using SIMONA® PE 100.

PDF (2 Pages) | 211.79 KB

CaseStudy 53 - Hydraulic rehabilitation of a main sewer with customised SIMONA® PE 100 Shafts Brochures

For the hydraulic rehabilitation of a main sewer in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Wipperfürth a new pumping station was installed and a PE 100 pressure pipeline was laid over a distance of 2.5 km. Despite optimisation measures already implemented, the existing main sewer conduit was no longer capable of handling the volumes of wastewater at the site. The new pressure pipeline made with SIMONA® PE 100 Pipes was therefore designed to bridge a narrow section of the main sewer and relieve the sewer conduit over its total length of 5.6 km.

PDF (2 Pages) | 288.48 KB

CaseStudy 52 - SIMONA® PE 100 Liner Pipes reduction method for rehabilitation of drinking water main in Bern Brochures

In the Swiss capital of Bern a DN 300 mm grey cast iron drinking water main dating back to 1959 and spanning a length of 350 metres was rehabilitated. Owing to the high volume of traffic and the high cost of repair, it was not possible to consider an open-cut, conventional method of construction. For this reason, a decision was taken to renew the old grey cast iron pipeline by means of the reduction process (swagelining) using tough, pressure-resistant SIMONA® PE 100 Liner Pipes.

PDF (2 Pages) | 416.92 KB

CaseStudy 51 - 2017 World Aquatics Championships in Budapest with adjustable swimming pool floor made of SIMONA® PP-H white 9002 Sheets Brochures

Variopool B.V. is the market leader in the field of adjustable swimming pool floors and bulkheads. Based in the Netherlands, the company was commissioned to equip the newly built Duna Aréna in Budapest with movable pool floors and bulkheads in time for the 2017 World Aquatics Championships. Variopool used SIMONA® PP-H white 9002 Sheets for the project, supplied by SIMONA’s long-standing distribution partner Vink Kunststoffen B.V., Netherlands.

PDF (2 Pages) | 673.57 KB

CaseStudy 50 - Transportable double-walled storage container made of SIMONA® PE 100 Twin-Wall Sheets Brochures

Roos & Co. Kunststoff- und Metallverarbeitungs GmbH was commissioned by BakerCorp GmbH & Co. KG to design a double-walled storage container for temporary use at various sites. The focus was on ensuring maximum flexibility during inspection and maintenance work. SIMONA® PE 100 Twin-Wall Sheets proved to be the perfect material for this field of application.

PDF (2 Pages) | 439.43 KB

CaseStudy 49 - Cladding train carriages with SIMONA® PVC-CAW-FR Brochures

On behalf of its customer MDC Research and Production Association, LLC, the Ukrainian company Factorial Ltd. was looking for a suitable material for the interior finish of passenger trains. Local regulations required this to have a long service life, be easy to work with and have a low level of flammability. Developed by SIMONA specifically for this field of application, SIMONA® PVC-CAW-FR sheets met all these requirements.

PDF (2 Pages) | 267.88 KB

CaseStudy 48 - Trenchless rehabilitation with SIMONA® PE 100 Ovoid Pipes using the relining method Brochures

Over a total length of 580 m an ovoid sewer was renewed by means of the relining method as part of an external services development project for Göttingen University Medical Centre. SIMONA® PE Ovoid Pipes combine geometric benefits – high flow velocity for small quantities of water, improved discharge of large quantities of water – with the excellent material and processing properties of polyethylene.

The customer-specific solution of using an ovoid pipe without any base enabled a high pipelaying rate and thus led to rapid completion of the construction project.

PDF (2 Pages) | 372.79 KB

CaseStudy 47 - SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® Piping Systems for the biggest desalination plant in the US Brochures

According to a recent study conducted by the OECD, climate change and the associated shortage of water represents one of the most serious challenges facing many regions around the globe. Corrosion-resistant SIMONA piping systems are playing their part in tackling this problem. The highly resilient pipes, fittings and flanges with NSF certification for use in drinking water applications were installed in the largest seawater desalination plant in the western hemisphere – in Carlsbad, California.

PDF (2 Pages) | 280.88 KB

CaseStudy 46 - Trenchless pipelaying in city traffic by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) Brochures

Energy supplier CREOS was faced with the difficult task of renewing

the power supply to the city of Luxembourg and ensuring that it would be possible to meet the growing energy demand of Findel Airport and the two city districts of Kirchberg and Ban de Gasperich. Without restricting the constant flow of city traffic it was an extremely difficile challenge. SIMONA®PE 100 RC-Line Pipes were used as part of this project.

PDF (2 Pages) | 378.61 KB

CaseStudy 45 - Open-trench rehabilitation of a sewer with SIMONA®PE 100 Ovoid Pipes Brochures

Over a length of 1.3 km an ovoid sewer was rehabilitated as part of external services development for Göttingen University Medical Centre. It also included a construction stage in which the ovoid sewer was renewed by the open-trench method over a length of 100 m. To be able to ensure that the system remains permanently watertight and to achieve a high pipelaying rate, they opted for the SIMONA® PE Ovoid Piping System.

PDF (2 Pages) | 261.91 KB

Fachzeitschrift 3R: Wiesbadener Abwasserkanal DN 600 mit neuem PP-Vortriebsrohrsystem saniert Brochures

Wie saniert man einen maroden Abwasserkanal und Hausanschlüsse ohne aufwändige Straßengräben und ohne Behinderung des Stadtverkehrs? Ganz einfach – mit einem Roboter, einer Hydraulikpresseinheit und dem neuen Vortriebsrohrsystem von SIMONA. In 1,50 m Tiefe unter Straßenniveau wurde ein Altkanal mit einer Nennweite von 600 mm in geschlossener Bauweise erneuert.

PDF (2 Pages) | 502.97 KB

CaseStudy 44 - SIMOGREEN PLA-HT – Sustainable solution for manufacturing milled housings for electronic labels Brochures

e-inductive GmbH & Co. KG has extensive knowledge of the latest technologies for energy and data transfer. To manufacture the milled housing of its electronic labels, the company was searching for a sustainable material with an attractive appearance and good processing properties. SIMOGREEN PLA-HT stood out as the perfect product for this application.

PDF (2 Pages) | 634.38 KB

CaseStudy 43 - SIMONA® PP AlphaPlus®– The lining material for superior safety in plant engineering Brochures

G&H Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG specialises in the lining of CDC tanks for cathodic dip coating (CDC) of body panels. For the first time in the commercial vehicle sector, an existing steel CDC dipping plant was to be lined with plastic for Claas Selbstfahrende Erntemaschinen GmbH. G&H chose SIMONA® PP AlphaPlus® as a proven lining material for this purpose.

PDF (2 Pages) | 701.66 KB

CaseStudy 42 - Lining of a cathodic electrocoating system with SIMONA® PP AlphaPlus® for Adam Opel AG Brochures

G&H Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG was commissioned by Adam Opel AG to line the interior of an existing standard-steel continuous-flow system for cathodic electrocoating of automotive body parts. For this application plastic was used for the first time at Opel. Due to the high demands made on the lining material in terms of chemical resistance, the contractor opted for SIMONA® PP AlphaPlus® Sheets and Pipes.

PDF (2 Pages) | 166.20 KB

CaseStudy 41 - SIMOFUSE® Pressure Pipes – New wastewater pressure pipeline in a hard-to-access stream section Brochures

In the Luxembourg town of Differdange an easy-to-handle and pressure-resistant plastic piping system was needed to lay a wastewater pressure pipeline in an underground stream section that was only accessible in specific places. In addition, the confined spaces called for space-saving joining technology. SIMOFUSE® pressure pipes were the solution.

PDF (2 Pages) | 1.99 MB

CaseStudy 40 - High-purity systems for semi-conductor production – the perfect SIMONA® product for all components Brochures

atp GmbH specialises in end-to-end concepts developed for applications in the semi-conductor industry, including the production of high-purity media distribution and disposal systems, as well as plant and process equipment. Sheets, pipes and fittings from the product groups SIMONA® PP white, SIMONA® PVC-GLAS, SIMONA® PVDF and SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® were used for the production of two wet-processing units and ten chemical supply systems.

PDF (2 Pages) | 222.28 KB

CaseStudy 39 - SIMONA® SPC RC- and RC-Line Pressure Pipes – for Natural Gas Pipelines (HDD Method) Brochures

As part of a construction project for a new natural gas pipeline in the Swiss cantons of Solothurn and Bern, utility company SWG Grenchen required robust, pressureresistant plastic pipes. They had to be suitable both for trenchless and for sandbedless pipelaying. The choices made were SIMONA® SPC RC-Line Protective-Jacket Pipes and SIMONA® RC-Line Pressure Pipes.

PDF (2 Pages) | 594.33 KB

CaseStudy 37 - Efficient boat building made simple – with SIMONA® PE FOAM Brochures

In response to growing demand within the domestic marine industry, the Spanish company Elimat manufactures work, rescue and transport boats made of PE-HD. One of the boats supplied by the company features SIMONA® PE-HWU for the hull and SIMONA® PE FOAM in different thicknesses for the interior fittings for the purpose of achieving greater efficiency.

PDF (2 Pages) | 972.33 KB

CaseStudy 36 - SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® pipes for largest water treatment plant run by the Trollmühle Municipal Water Board Brochures

The largest Uranex plant to date for the removal of uranium and one of the largest Carix plants for partial desalination was put into operation by Trollmühle Municipal Water Board in Windesheim at the end of 2011. SIMONA supplied PP-H AlphaPlus® pipes for the water treatment plant. The properties of SIMONA® PP-H AlphaPlus® pipes, such as high chemical resistance and reliable corrosion resistance, provided crucial benefits for use in the water treatment plant.

PDF (2 Pages) | 412.22 KB

CaseStudy 35 - Trenchless Pipeline Renewal with SIMONA® SPC RC-Line Pipes Brochures

In the town of Baden, Switzerland, a drinking water transport and supply pipeline that was over 60 years old was renewed along the same route using the pipe bursting method. The contractor, Brunschwiler AG, a leading civil engineering company specialising in trenchless pipe renewal, required a pipe that would meet the engineering challenges associated with the replacement of the 72 metre section. SIMONA® SPC RC drinking water pipes were identified as the perfect solution. The pipe used was a SIMONA® SPC RC drinking water pipe, d = 450 mm, with a polypropylene protective jacket.

PDF (2 Pages) | 468.66 KB

CaseStudy 34 - Efficient biogas plant fitted with SIMONA® PE 100 Brochures

Operating throughout Europe, agriKomp GmbH is a company specialising in the development and manufacture of biogas plants. All the major components of the plants are manufactured in-house. Owing to their modular design, they can be added to at any time, providing a very high level of flexibility. The digestion process uses liquid manure, dung, green material, silage and cereal. The key components of the biogas plants have to be made of a material with maximum corrosion resistance. Therefore, agriKomp GmbH opted for SIMONA® PE 100. In contrast to steel, SIMONA® PE 100 pipes and fittings combine excellent corrosion resistance with a high level of UV stability, which makes them the perfect choice when it comes to the construction of high-end biogas plants.

PDF (2 Pages) | 871.35 KB

CaseStudy 33 - Collection tank for acid solutions – made with SIMONA® PP-DWU AlphaPlus® Brochures

G&H Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG was commissioned to construct a collection tank for the storage of acid solutions for an aluminium anodising plant. SIMONA® PP-DWU Alpha-Plus® was the material of choice. Boasting a high level of chemical resistance, it is perfect for constructing tanks and installations. The entire tank was assembled on site and then integrated into the instal lation as a whole at its final location.

PDF (2 Pages) | 93.63 KB

CaseStudy 32 - Railway line drainage with SIMONA® SIMODRAIN® pipes Brochures

BLS Netz AG operates a rail network spanning more than 900 km. Direct proximity to Lake Thun and Lake Brienz as well as minuscule differences in altitude regularly cause the groundwater level to rise and penetrate the trackbed. To prevent the trackbed from being destabilised, the existing drainage system made of concrete pipes was renewed with SIMODRAIN® drainage pipes. This construction project was realised with SIMONA® SIMODRAIN® drainage pipes with an OD of 250 mm, SDR 21, and 10 mm slotting, specially developed for traffic route drainage.

PDF (2 Pages) | 523.61 KB

CaseStudy 31 -Corrosion resistant Work Boats made of SIMONA®PE-HWU and SIMONA® PE-UV Brochures

Nekton Bot. A.Ş. specialises in building boats made of PE-HD. With various models of boats in its portfolio (Seadog, Dolphin, Shark and Whale), the company is able to design and manufacture vessels used in the field of transport, rescue and security – whether for port operations or on the high seas. The new pilot boats deployed at the port of Gemport A.Ş. were made of SIMONA® PE-HWU and coloured SIMONA® PE-UV, without any metal reinforcement whatsoever.

PDF (2 Pages) | 106.97 KB

CaseStudy 30 - Stage design at German-Sorbian Folk Theatre Bautzen Brochures

The Bautzen folk theatre chose a very special concept for its production of “Sugar – Some Like It Hot”. Alongside outstanding character development, good music and ingenious choreography, the main attraction was a stage design that allowed rapid changes of scenery. Featuring a black and white design, it was reminiscent of a comic strip. SIMOPOR-LIGHT Sheets were used as a base for the various panels.

PDF (2 Pages) | 813.96 KB

CaseStudy 29 - SIMONA supplies end-to-end solution for renewal of elevated water tank Brochures

The Water Utilities Association of Untere Niddatal decided to renew a local elevated water tank in order to maintain the quality of drinking water well into the future. The chlorinated rubber with which the tank had been coated was beginning to peel off the interior walls, and the cement plaster was gradually disintegrating. Lined with SIMONA® PE sheets – light blue 340 –, the tank is now fit for purpose again and the quality of drinking water has been safeguarded for many years to come. In addition to a long service life, the SIMONA® PE liner offers tangible financial benefits, such as lower maintenance costs; PE sheets can be cleaned quickly and efficiently without the use of chemical detergents.

PDF (2 Pages) | 1,011.66 KB

CaseStudy 28 - Formwork system for optical fibre concrete with integrated thermal insulation Brochures

In 2010, within the scope of a research and development project at the Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Planning at the University of Kassel, an innovative formwork system was developed for the purpose of producing optical fibre concrete with integral core insulation. By inserting optical light-transmitting fibres, light, colours and movement are silhouetted through the concrete. The formwork system has proved to be highly effective and suitable, also for the production of optical fibre concrete from other castable or pourable self-compacting materials or as a composite material.

PDF (2 Pages) | 854.29 KB

CaseStudy 27 - Electropolishing facility for European XFEL accelerator Brochures

The German Electron Synchrotron DESY is one of the world’s leading research centers for investigating physical matter. In order to realise the international X-ray laser system, European XFEL, a new electropolishing facility was required for the purpose of producing the resonators (linear accelerators) with the necessary surface quality. A wide range of SIMONA® Products were used for the construction of this facility.

PDF (4 Pages) | 1.72 MB

CaseStudy 25 - Sports fields in Katowice/Poland made of SIMONA® PE FOAM Brochures

The creation of new pitches for beach volleyball and football was at the top of the list when it came to expanding the range of leisure facilities on offer at BUGLA Aqua Park. The challenge consisted of incorporating the fields within the developed segment of the facility, while separating them from the green areas and five swimming pools. In order to accomplish this goal, TRANSCOM, the company overseeing the project, used SIMONA® PE FOAM sheets. Combining UV stability with high rigidity, SIMONA® PE FOAM sheets are ideally suited to outdoor applications. Their lightweight design makes them particularly easy to handle and quick to install.

PDF (2 Pages) | 2.45 MB

CaseStudy 24 - Historic steam-railway-line equipped with SIMONA® PE 100 pipes Brochures

The "Furka Pass" in Switzerland (2506 masl) is the European watershed of the Rhone and Rhine. 1914 was built a railway link between Wallis and the Kanton Graubünden. The mountain route between Gletsch and Oberwald required extensive renovation works, which were successfully completed in the summer of 2010. The used SIMONA® PE 100 pipes contributed a significant security of the route.

PDF (2 Pages) | 778.12 KB

CaseStudy 23 - SIMONA® PE Twin-Wall Sheets for biological air cleaning Brochures

KWB are experts in the field of biological air treatment for livestock farming. With their Nitro Air scrubbers it is possible to reduce the output of ammonia, dust and odours, which commonly occur in pig farming, and thus meet strict Dutch environmental regulations. In order to guarantee a long service life for the scrubbers, which are exposed to particularly heavy weather wear, KWB opted for housings made of SIMONA® PE Twin-Wall Sheets. The KWB-designed Nitro Air scrubber has proven its reliability and been approved and certified by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture – to the benefit of local residents and farmers.

PDF (2 Pages) | 425.11 KB

CaseStudy 22 - "Beckton": SIMONA® PE 100 pressure pipes for UK’s first large-scale desalination plant Brochures

Climatic changes, population growth and an expected increase in consumption as a result of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in Greater London are making it more and more important to develop drinking water resources in the UK. To this end a seawater desalination plant has been built in Beckton. The material and product of choice: corrosion-resistant SIMONA® PE 100 pipes. They were used to implement numerous customised engineering solutions over the entire period of construction.

PDF (2 Pages) | 2.12 MB

CaseStudy 21 - Gel mixing systems made with SIMONA®PE 100 for the battery industry Brochures

KUSTAN GmbH & Co. KG, a specialist in industrial and environmental plant made of plastic, manufactures entire mixing units used in the production of sulphuric acid gel for the battery industry. For gel mixing systems operated by Chinese and Indian customers the choice of material, the structural properties and the selection of equipment had to be considered very carefully. Since the material for making the sulphuric acid storage tank and the gel mixing tank had to be extremely reliable, the company opted for PE 100.

PDF (2 Pages) | 373.60 KB

CaseStudy 20 - SIMONA® PE Twin-Wall Sheets climb the highest mountains Brochures

As part of a refurbishment plan, the Chalet Hotel Hornberg commissioned Fehlmann Wasseraufbereitung AG to build a top-quality indoor swimming pool. In order to temporarily store water flowing from the swimming pool to the water treatment system, a plastic overflow tank was to be used. Schättin GmbH opted for SIMONA® PE Twin-Wall Sheets as a particularly cost-effective solution.