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The coextrusion method of production offers several advantages with regard to standard PE 100 and PE 100 RC-Line multilayer pipes (Type 2) as well as PE 100 SPC RC-Line multilayer pipes with protective jacket (Type 3).

Benefits Coextrusion Process

SIMONA® Type 2 multilayer pipes are manufactured by means of coextrusion; the two layers are connected to one another to create an inseparable, homogeneous joint. SIMONA® SPC Type 3 protective-jacket pipes additionally have a protective jacket that has been extruded onto the inner pipe (PAS 1075 Type 3). It can be pealed off from the inner pipe for processing with electrofusion fittings.


Safe Protection of the Inner Pipe Thanks to PP Protect Protective Jacket

Special properties of PE 100 SPC RC-Line pipes as per PAS 1075 Type 3:
100% protection of the inner pipe against the introduction of scores and notches. The additional polypropylene protective jacket extruded onto the pipe permanently protects the inner pipe against external damage. Since PP is much harder than PE, the introduction of notches to the protective jacket is minimised.