• Materials Tester

    Department Plastics Engineering

    Kirn, Germany

At SIMONA, Materials Testers are assigned to the company's laboratory, where they test samples of incoming goods as to their composition, quality, purity and colour. In order to determine the physical and chemical properties of a material, you will prepare samples and set up the test equipment.

In the event of damages due to non-compliant parts you will be responsible for analysing the material in question and identifying the root cause.

Additionally, the role will involve planning and preparing tests and experiments. Subsequently, you will be expected to document and evaluate the results. 

What you will need

A keen interest in physics and chemistry as well as proficiency in mathematics are key prerequisites for this profession. Laboratory work also calls for a highly conscientious approach and diligence when testing materials. The same applies to all forms of documentation. 


Excellent secondary school qualifications (equivalent to Realschule in Germany)

Start of programme

1 September 2020


3.5 years