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In the form of the SIMODUAL² double-containment piping system SIMONA has developed an innovative comprehensive system with integrated fixing points for industrial pipeline construction. The focus is on a standardised product solution to meet maximum safety standards without any elaborate or expensive one-off designs.

To ensure maximum safety, SIMODUAL² piping systems are made up of an inner media pipe and an outer containment pipe. Production uses quality-assured individual components that are subjected to external monitoring.

In addition to PP-H AlphaPlus®, PE 100 is also used in this area. Instead of simple spray protection the piping system features a continuous, monitorable and pressure-resistant leak retention compartment. This means the pressure-resistant double-containment piping system SIMODUAL² provides maximum safety - even in the event of an accident.

Special properties

  • High chemical resistance
  • Very high stress crack resistance
  • High toughness
  • Reliable corrosion resistance
  • Fine microstructure and stable crystalline structure
  • Good hydraulic properties due to smooth pipe interior

SIMONA® Products for Industrial wastewater