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"Seamless, flawless, enormous": these were the key features promoted by SIMONA when launching its new line of seamless bends in the diameter range 710 to 1,000 mm in 2014. The SIMONA® seamless bend product range was therefore extended to include diameters from 32 to 1,000 mm (SDR 17) and 32 to 800 mm (SDR 11).

Unlike segment-welded pipe bends, the seamless bends are fully pressure resistant and have good hydraulic properties thanks to the smooth interior surface. As a result they facilitate excellent flow behaviour in the medium. Due to their optimum radius of r ~ 1.5 d, even the largest size (d 1,000 mm, 90°) can still be transported by a regular truck. In every respect they offer a cost-effective alternative that saves time and money.

Special properties

  • Pressure class compliant fittings without reduction factor
  • As little excavation as possible where space is tight
  • Inexpensive solution particularly for large diameters

SIMONA® Products for Drainage and cooling pipes