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In all fields of application trenchless pipelaying methods have now become standard. The possibilities of pipe renovation or no-dig renewal are numerous. SIMONA offers piping systems for the end-to-end rehabilitation of pipelines – tailored to the various methods currently deployed in this area. The piping systems are a combination of standard or application-specific special pipes and the associated system fittings. 

The legal basis for the renovation and renewal of drainage systems outside buildings is provided not only by relevant laws and administrative provisions but also by DIN EN 752 in particular. This standard defines a framework for the planning, construction, rehabilitation and operation of drainage systems.

For rehabilitation of pressure pipelines the Code of Practice of DVGW W403 and Worksheets GW 320-325 serve as decision-making aids for the rehabilitation of water pipes.

In the case of PE pipes, single-layer or multilayer pipes made of PE 100 and PE 100 RC have become well established within the market. Thanks to its increased stress crack resistance, the enhanced material PE 100 RC provides additional safety.

Naturally, PE 100 RC pipes can also be used for open-cut laying in trenches. Their use significantly increases the level of safety. Additionally, it is perfectly acceptable to use pipe gravel with crushed fractions.

Especially in the case of trenchless methods of laying, pipes with a protective jacket are used, or even as a combination in the form of a containment pipe and a media pipe. The protective-jacket pipe SIMONA® PE 100 SPC RC-Line is a high-end product that meets the applicable requirements for the material PE 100 RC in accordance with PAS 1075 and thus provides a recognised standard of quality.

  • Heated-tool butt welding
  • Electrofusion welding

To the methods of pipelaying

Reduction process (Swagelining/DynTec method)

Pipe run lining of pressure pipelines with annular space

Pipe bursting