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Using a horizontal directional drilling rig, an underground duct is drilled, into which one or more conduits are drawn.

A pit is usually excavated both at the beginning and at the end of the required route.

The first step is to create a so-called pilot hole pointing towards the destination pit using a controllable boring head.

Then, in further steps the final pipe duct is widened with a so-called back reamer and the pipe is introduced by an insertion device. As a result, the bored duct is widened to the required diameter.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Method suitable for all soil classes/homogeneous areas
  • SIMONA® PE 100 SPC RC-Line pipes completely satisfy the requirements for laying by the HDD method - irrespective of soil structure
  • In particular, boring is possible under roads, rivers, developed areas or areas subject to continuous use


SIMONA® PE 100 SPC RC-Line pipes are suitable for the HDD method.

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