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A one-day technical training course covers fundamentals for the design and realisation of waste water piping systems and industrial piping systems.

Target group

The training course is aimed at engineers, technical designers and fitters of such systems and provides fundamental skills relating to pipeline construction, with a focus on:

  • Engineering and planning offices
  • Piping system and ventilation engineering
  • System planning and construction


Choice of material

  • Material basics
  • Technical characteristics
  • Pipe types
  • Additional requirements relating to materials complying with Factory Mutual (FM) Class 4910/1610

Design and dimensioning

  • Underground pipe-laying
  • Structural design
  • Above-grounded piping systems
  • Calculation of overpressure and vacuum
  • Providing for longitudinal expansion
  • Calculation of temperature-contingent design limits
  • Chemical resistance


  • Relevant joining technologies
  • Calculation of distances between supports
  • Dimensioning of guide bearings
  • Design of fixed point systems
  • Performance of pressure tests to DVS specifications


  • Structural analysis
  • Analysis of chemical resistance
  • Calculation of anchor forces and stresses
  • Determination of distances between supports and design of guide bearings
  • Material recommendations
  • Pipe accessories


The technical presentations will be conducted by experts from SIMONA AG with qualifications and experience in KRV (plastic pipe association), DIN, DVS (German welding association) and DWA (German association for water, waste water and waste) committee work.

Max. 8 participants per training course

Duration:      1 day

Start time:    9 a.m.
Finish time:  4 p.m.

Participation fee:

EUR 125.00 plus sales tax (price per person)

Dates at request

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