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This practical course at our Technology Centre teaches you the basic manual skills of the topic and familiarises you with the processing of our semi-finished products in thermal joining processes.

Target group

Training is particularly aimed at plastic welders in the following industries:

  • Apparatus and tank construction
  • Environmental engineering
  • Plant construction
  • Pipeline construction


Welding methods in practice

  • Hot-gas string bead welding
  • Hot-gas extrusion welding
  • Heated-tool butt welding


Practical training is held by highly experienced, qualified experts from SIMONA AG and is based on our application and processing recommendations. The practical course is to be regarded as an initial, product-related training session and does not compete with certified DVS training programmes.

Max. 5 participants per training course


Duration to be agreed individually

Participation fee:

From EUR 125.00 plus sales tax (price per person)

Dates at request

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