• Bachelor of Engineering (Plastics Engineering)

    Kirn + Ringsheim, Germany

At SIMONA AG, a tertiary education degree opens up the possibility of taking on a role of responsibility. Working in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, we offer suitable candidates the opportunity to complete a degree course in Plastics Engineering. 

The work/study course offers candidates with a keen interest in technical disciplines the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge acquired during the academic programme to hands-on assignments at SIMONA. Among other things, the university curriculum includes classes dedicated to plastics processing as well as lectures that focus on which products can be designed, developed or manufactured.

This programme is oriented towards Technical Engineering and Process Engineering, which differentiates it from degree courses with an emphasis on Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. The academic part of the programme is handled by the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, while SIMONA will oversee the practical side of the course at its headquarters in Kirn and in Ringsheim.

What you will need

Understanding of technical matters, manual dexterity and a solid foundation in mathematics and natural sciences. Interest in various materials and how they are processed. Commitment, mobility and a sense of initiative.


High-school diploma (or equivalent) with excellent grades

Start of programme

1 August 2020


3 years + 2 months internship 


Kirn and Ringsheim