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SIMONA® PE 100 piping systems are particularly suitable for supplying water to onshore fish farms. Depending on the type of fish, onshore fish breeding tanks are supplied with sea water or fresh water.

SIMONA® PE 100 pipes and matching fittings are absolutely ideal for this application. Their excellent weldability and low weight make them easy to install, while exceptionally smooth pipe interiors ensure a high flow rate.

Special properties

  • UV-stabilised
  • Excellent processing parameters
  • High strength and rigidity
  • Wide range of applications

SIMONA® Products for Water transport

PE 100 black

Electrofusion socket
38 Products
HKP Corner Elements cross-ribbed
1 Product
HKP Corner Elements lengthways-ribbed
12 Products
40 Products

PE 100 Blue 340

21 Products

PE 100 natural

26 Products

PE 100 RC

10 Products
64 Products
Reducers concentric
89 Products
Tee, standard
52 Products
Welding Rod
1 Product

PP-H AlphaPlus®

HKP Corner Elements lengthways-ribbed
12 Products