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SIMONA has many years of experience in refining the abrasion resistance of plastic pipes in order to increase the service life of products used in challenging conditions. For the first time, such piping systems are now being deployed in an entirely new field of application: for the handling of the catch in large fishing vessels.

Trawlers are often equipped with a system of pipes to transport the fish to the storage facilities below deck. For many years steel pipes were used for this purpose. However, the sharp weld seams and hard steel often caused damage to the fish.

A Norwegian company was keen to find a solution that would ensure the careful handling of its catch. It found it in the form of coextruded pipes and fittings with a bright abrasion- and wear-resistant interior layer. To create this, a PE 100 base pipe was coextruded together with the interior layer of a higher-molecular-weight PE material.

Special properties

  • Pipes featuring a highly abrasion-resistant interior layer with high impact strength
  • Extended service life ensures lower servicing and maintenance costs
  • High corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Joining technology designed for permanently integral, watertight bond
  • Simple installation due to low weight of material
  • Reduced thermal absorption in pipes with UV-stabilised white exterior skin
  • Strong bond between interior layer and core pipe

SIMONA® Products for Fish transport

PE 100 black

40 Products

PE 100 Blue 340

21 Products

PE 100 natural

26 Products

PE 100 RC

10 Products
Welding Rod
1 Product

PE-HD black

32 Products
Solid Rods
19 Products

PE-HD natural

101 Products
Solid Rods
107 Products