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SI Flange Connections: Maximum Tightness Yet Releasable

New to the SIMONA portfolio are the Safety Intelligence (SI) flange connections. Each product in this range is a complete package consisting of the core elements of a weld neck collar, backed loose flange and gasket, as well as technical data retrievable via QR code to support safe assembly. A new feature of these connections is that, in addition to testing the individual components, a sophisticated system test is also carried out. This also guarantees the accuracy of fit of the individual components with each other and ensures maximum possible and lasting tightness. The fittings are also tested as a mechanical connection in accordance with EN 12201-3.

Against this background, pipe joints can be reliably connected to each other in a tight - yet detachable - manner. In addition, the SI solution supports professional assembly by providing basic technical data on the units.

Successful long-term system testing in accordance with EN12201-3 at SIMONA's Ringsheim plant