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At its sites in Kirn (Rheinland-Pfalz) and Ringsheim (Baden-Württemberg) SIMONA offers a wide range of apprenticeships as the starting point for a promising new career.

SIMONA is the ideal choice when it comes to vocational training. We have received numerous awards for the quality of our apprenticeships. Our goal is to train people who can then go on to occupy senior roles in the company. Many of our trainers sit on examination committees and are therefore able to give our apprentices exactly the preparation they need for their exams and future career. We are immensely proud of the fact that our apprentices gain some of the best results every year in their Chamber of Industry and Commerce examinations.

Nearing the end of your school career and looking for a varied and exciting apprenticeship? Or perhaps you are searching for a change of direction?

Willkommen bei SIMONA!

Was erwartet dich bei uns? Sehr nette Kolleginnen und Kollegen, entsprechend konstruktive Zusammenarbeit, viel Wertschätzung und ein freundlicher Umgang. Denn wir sind "A company like a friend." Und: Wir eröffnen dir als führendes Unternehmen der Kunststoff verarbeitenden Industrie zahlreiche Perspektiven. So bieten wir dir neben spannenden Aufgaben viele Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten, auch international. SIMONA ist der perfekte Partner für ihre berufliche Ausbildung!

Was wir genau machen

Wir bei SIMONA stellen Platten, Rohre und Formteile aus thermoplastischen Kunststoffen her. Dazu wählen wir für jede Anwendung das perfekte Material aus, erarbeiten die optimale Lösung und bieten die beste technische Beratung. Zuständig dafür sind unsere 1.500 Mitarbeitenden weltweit.

Post-apprenticeship opportunities

Hard work brings rewards. Once you complete your apprenticeship at SIMONA you can explore the other opportunities available for career development. The training we offer is specifically tailored to our employees' requirements. For example, you can study for a master craftsman's certificate or an engineering qualification. Alternatively, you can attend specific seminars or study part-time while you are working. Particularly good apprentices can apply for a grant to help cover their training expenses.