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Composite designs offer many advantages over all-thermoplastic solutions at high pressures and temperatures. Compared to metal-based materials, thermoplastic composites are the perfect choice when it comes to developing solutions that combine high performance with cost-effectiveness. Largesized components, such as storage tanks, are often produced – very economically – from GFRP/thermoplastic materials.

In all cases, liners provide the necessary chemical resistance. Applying various processing methods, they can be used with both steel and GFRP components.

Target group

Training is particularly aimed at processors/tank constructors/ planners who wish to undertake work in these areas or would like to gain an overview of the options available in this field of application.


Choice of material

  • Material Basics
  • Technical characteristics
  • Adhesion systems  


  • Substrate preparation
  • Deep-drawing and pressing of dished ends
  • Manual lamination methods
  • Winding methods
  • Vacuum method
  • Welding methods for lining materials
  • Quality assurance measures


The practical training is held by experts from SIMONA AG. The specialised presentations are held by employees from the Applications Technology Department.

Max. 6 participants per training course

Duration:      3-5 days

Participation fee:

EUR 3.250.00 plus sales tax (price per person)

Dates at request

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