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Nearing the end of your school career and looking for a varied and exciting apprenticeship? Or perhaps you are searching for a change of direction?

At its sites in Kirn (Rheinland-Pfalz) and Ringsheim (Baden-Württemberg) SIMONA offers a wide range of apprenticeships as the starting point for a promising new career.

SIMONA is the ideal choice when it comes to vocational training. We have received numerous awards for the quality of our apprenticeships. Our goal is to train people who can then go on to occupy senior roles in the company. Many of our trainers sit on examination committees and are therefore able to give our apprentices exactly the preparation they need for their exams and future career. We are immensely proud of the fact that our apprentices gain some of the best results every year in their Chamber of Industry and Commerce examinations.

Post-apprenticeship opportunities

Hard work brings rewards. Once you complete your apprenticeship at SIMONA you can explore the other opportunities available for career development. The training we offer is specifically tailored to our employees' requirements. For example, you can study for a master craftsman's certificate or an engineering qualification. Alternatively, you can attend specific seminars or study part-time while you are working. Particularly good apprentices can apply for a grant to help cover their training expenses.

Nils Harries

Process Development Engineer

“I gained my first SIMONA experience back in 2005, taking holiday jobs as a picker in the main warehouse. Following a school placement in the central workshop, I began my training as an industrial mechanic at SIMONA in 2007. Working in several departments, I was able to familiarise myself with some varied and interesting tasks in maintenance, machining and tool preparation. As spokesman for the young staff and apprentice representative team (JAV), I also promoted the interests of trainees when we worked together with the works council.

Having passed my exams to qualify as an industrial mechanic, I began a full-time degree in mechanical engineering at Bingen University of Applied Sciences in 2010, studying in the Design/Product Development department. During this time, I was able to prove myself worthy of my SIMONA scholarship and completed my mechanical engineering degree (B. Eng) successfully in 2013. I was also given the chance to help out at SIMONA as a mechanic outside of term.

I started in Process Development as soon as I had finished my degree. Ever since then, I have had the challenging task of taking innovative PVC products and technologies from lab scale and integrating them into the actual production process. Being in contact with suppliers, customers, universities and research centres as well as colleagues means that my work is never dull.”

Sven Becker

Shift Manager Production Plant II

"I did a two-week internship at SIMONA while I was still at school. That gave me a chance to look into the different apprenticeships on offer, and I eventually decided on process engineering, specialising in plastics and rubber. I started in August 2002. 

After I finished, I spent five years at the production site known as Plant I. During this period I realised I wanted to take on more responsibility and learn new skills. In 2009 I started training for an advanced qualification (Industriemeister) in plastics and rubber engineering. SIMONA helped me pay for the course. I passed the exam in 2011. 

When I saw the vacancy for a shift manager at Plant II on the company's intranet, I applied straight away. So that is where I am now after a six-month familiarisation period. I really enjoy the work. It's very demanding because you have to coordinate a large number of processes. The role is very wide-ranging, so there are always new challenges. You also have a lot of contact with your colleagues since you have to coordinate with the production team and your production managers."

Andreas Ludin

Shift Supervisor Injection-Moulding in Ringsheim

"The first chance I had to look around at SIMONA was in 1995 and 1996 when I had holiday jobs at the plastics factory and the pipe and fittings warehouse in Ringsheim. At the time, my father and my uncle were also working at SIMONA. That helped me to decide on an apprenticeship with SIMONA AG as a plastics moulder, although it's now called plastics and rubber process engineering. 

In 1999, after my apprenticeship, I was offered a job as a skilled worker in the area of injection-moulding. Thanks to the ongoing training provided by SIMONA on the machines and the 6-axis robots, you are always up to date and keep learning new skills. I really like the work and dealing with new challenges every day. In October 2007 I started a new position as shift supervisor within the injection-moulding unit."