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Specially developed for the field of orthopaedic technology, the SIMONA® SIMOLIFE line includes a wide range of products spanning various materials. The range of plastics to choose from is extensive, with PE, PP, EVA, PETG, etc. being used as compact sheet materials.

SIMOLIFE EVA has been specially designed for the manufacture of inner sheaths used in arm and leg prosthetics. The two product types EVA flex and EVA superflex are designed to meet a wide range of requirements with regard to flexibility of the specific material. SIMOLIFE EVA sheets have excellent hot-forming properties. Displaying minimal material shrinkage during cool-down, they also offer the advantage of high dimensional stability with uniform wall thickness distribution. The material is biocompatible in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10993-5/-10, thus guaranteeing excellent safety and extreme durability.

SIMONA® Products for Orthopaedics