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Drinking water containers are used to store our food stuffs. Therefore, the planning and execution of them is in particularly high demand.

In contrast to not particularly durable mineral coating and cost-intensive and also "fragile" stainless steel linings, using PE panels to line the containers is increasingly gaining acceptance on the market. The main reasons for this are the advantages of the plastic material, such as long-term corrosion resistance, completely tightly welded systems, no odour, taste, chemical or bacteriological influence on drinking water, as well as a particularly smooth inner surface, which prevents incrustations and the formation of breeding grounds and habitats for micro-organisms.

SIMONA® plastics can fulfil the highest demands for the storage of our food. Containers lined with SIMONA® PE 100 plastic panels and supplemented with pipes and fittings offer not only a long service life, but also economic benefits such as lower maintenance costs, since PE panels can be cleaned quickly and easily without the use of expensive scouring chemicals.

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