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In pipe train lining with annular space, factory-produced pressure pipes made of PE 100 RC or PE 100 SPC RC are welded together on the construction site to make up a pipe train with permanently tight joints. These are new, statically self-supporting lining pressure pipes.

The pipe train is connected up to a traction head and drawn into the old pipe via a site launch pit taking the bending radius of the new pipe into account.

The resulting annular space between the old pipe and the new pipe is either grouted or not grouted, depending on the condition of the old pipe.

In this method the original cross section of the pipeline is reduced by the annular space and pipe wall thickness.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Scarcely any excavated soil
  • Little use of machinery
  • Fast method of installation/rehabilitation
  • Nuisance to residents and traffic is minimal


SIMONA® PE 100 RC and SPC RC-Line pipes are suitable for pipe train lining with annular space.

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