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Overflow tanks are used to collect water that flows over the edge of a swimming pool. SIMONA® Twin-Wall Sheets are the perfect choice for such Systems.

Thanks to the high rigidity of the material, no cross-ribbed or steel profile reinforcements are needed when engineering such structures. Among the key advantages of twin-wall sheets are their low weight, excellent stability and good chemical resistance to swimming pool water.

The flexural strength of a SIMONA® PE Twin-Wall Sheet (19 webs/8 mm outer skin) is about the same as that of a solid SIMONA® PE Sheet with a thickness of 40 mm. However, it has only half the area density, which makes transportation much simpler. The weight advantages of SIMONA® PE Twin-Wall Sheets compared to conventional cross-ribbed tanks can be up to 30 per cent.

Special properties

  • High rigidity and strength
  • Good electrical insulator
  • High wear resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Low water absorption
  • Resistant to microorganisms
  • Very good processing properties
  • Lower weight than solid material
  • Matching corners
  • Excellent sound insulation (DIN ISO 140-3 available on request)
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Based on ISO 8301, EN 1946-3

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