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SIMONA® PE 100-Line, SIMONA® PE 100 RC-Line and SIMONA® PE 100 SPC RC-Line drinking water pipes can be installed using various installation methods.

Open Laying

The open method is characterised by the excavation of atrench, laying of the pipe protected by a slope or sheeting, andfinally the filling of the trench.

Trenchless laying

Laying plastic pipelines by the trenchless method provides financial and ecological benefits:

  • Minimal detrimental effect on developed and paved surfaces
  • Potential use of existing pipeline routes
  • Reduction in civil engineering and re-cultivation costs
  • Pipelines can be laid under rivers, lakes or traffic routes
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions due to the elimination ofhaving to transport road surfacing, excavated soil and fill material
  • Minimal nuisance to residents
  • Reduction in traffic obstructions and avoidance oftraffic congestion