A clear focus on applications, closeness to the end customer, technical expertise throughout the entire customer care process – none of these are new ideas within the Infrastructure business line. In fact, they have proved their worth over several decades. What is new, however, is the decision to expand these strengths.

The market for infrastructure applications provided a guiding framework for restructuring SIMONA’s business lines. Several decades ago, the decision was made to cultivate this field of activity based on a clear focus on applications, closeness to the end customer and technical expertise throughout the entire customer care process.

The Infrastructure business line provides technical consulting and supplies thermoplastic pipeline systems tailored to individual requirements and applications. Its main target groups include investors and consulting engineers primarily in the drinking water and sewage industry and in the fields of protective conduit systems for data and energy cables as well as drainage systems for environmental protection in landfills and on roads and railways.

Clear USP 

With our certified application and project expertise, we put our partners in a stronger market position in the retail and the construction industry in a fiercely competitive market environment. We focus on system ranges while also being able to service niches and respond flexibly to individual requirements.

We stand out from the crowd thanks to the extensive technical support we provide in terms of designing and dimensioning pipes and what types to lay.

For us, being focused on applications and customers means to serve the varying needs of all parties involved in the process for an infrastructure project in the best possible way. This is built on several key pillars: top-quality technical service in every phase of the project; smart, cost-effective product ranges; helping end users with product processing on site; and a comprehensive after-sales service.

Strengthening digitalisation

The “Infrastructure 2.0” business line is capable of expanding these strengths and will succeed in doing so. Our main priority going forward is to expand our range of digital services and products, including selecting materials, intuitive and IT-based project enquiries for structural calculations, e-learning courses and many more services along the all-important customer journey. We want to grow “mySIMONA” into a platform for digital services.

Making the focus on fields of application even more profitable

Looking ahead, we want to profit even more from our fundamental focus on fields of application. Large-scale infrastructure projects often entice industrial companies to relocate to the area, providing an opportunity for the products offered by our Industry and Building business lines. The railways for which we supply drainage pipes are designed to handle the increased demand for trains, for whose railroad cars our Mobility business line can supply sheets for the interior fitout.

Growth areas

  • The energy transition is increasing the need for buried power cables that transport renewable energy. ­SIMONA has developed cable pipe systems to protect them.
  • Demand for high-pressure gas pipe systems capable of transporting hydrogen will grow. Thermoplastic pipeline systems are well suited to this task.
  • Trenchless laying and rehabilitation techniques will see greater use as they reduce CO2 emissions and installation costs. SIMONA has an extensive range of rehabilitation products.

Turning new ideas into new products fast

If we are to achieve our objectives, we will need to acquire and share knowledge of market trends, projects and interrelationships involving the applications that we serve. We will do our bit to support these efforts with a committed team covering all commercial and technical roles. One good example is our technical field service, which is already in touch with investors, consulting engineers, dealers and construction firms on a daily basis. In other words, we address new market requirements swiftly and directly. These then result in a detailed activity list of products and services to be developed that provides us with ideas and inspiration for the business line’s future growth. Together with the specialists from our Technical Service Centre and the open-minded teams at our production plants, we want to turn these ideas into high-quality products quickly and efficiently. Although the requirements that customers place on specific solutions and our “technical creativity” often pose a challenge, our staff in the Plastics workshop already have a great deal of experience in this area. It is precisely this ability to deliver reliable solutions for the most demanding application-related challenges that puts us in a unique position compared to our competitors.

Highly committed people produce highly impressive work

Maximum reliability and customised solutions are the order of the day, whether you need chemical expertise or the most cost-effective pipe system for a conventional or non-standard application. We offer an extensive product range comprising sheets, pipes and standardised and customised fittings for pipes, all complemented by top-class services. We provide advice and information on entire systems. As well as the hard facts about our product portfolio and services, it is also the people that make the difference. Selling a long-lasting investment such as a thermoplastic pipeline system first requires a lengthy and demanding consulting process that is not complete until the final order negotiations are under way. Our team of highly qualified, experienced specialists throw themselves into each and every project with dedication and commitment, and I am proud to work with and in this team.

Market segments


  • Solutions for the water and sewage industry

Cable protection pipes

  • Solutions for protecting sensitive data and energy cables


  • Solutions for draining roads, railways and landfills

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